PolicyPak compliments Viewfinity Privilege Management

The guys at Viewfinity have the right idea (here’s a quote from their website).

Viewfinity Privilege Management offers IT Administrators a flexible approach for controlling its corporate desktop and laptop environment.

One of Viewfinity’s super-powers is to operate users with a least privilege account then elevate the application’s rights that require them.Getting to a “least privilege” desktop is, definitely a good idea.

But, even when least privilege accounts are all used, there’s still a ticking time bomb waiting for you: Standard users can still misconfigure the desktop, operating system (Control Panel), key applications (Flash, Acrobat, Java), or any desktop and business applications you have.

PolicyPak can help when you’ve already got Viewfinity Privilege Management in place and how to ensure your desktop and applications are truly locked down and secure.

Note: Viewfinity has two ways to implement least privilege – using Group Policy or using a cloud service. The video only shows the Group Policy way to use Viewfinity Privilege Management, but if you use their cloud service, PolicyPak will work with it just the same.


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Once you’re managing your machines with Viewfinity Privilege Management, you still have some tough questions left:

  • How are you able to guarantee key application and operating system settings for users?
  • How can you prevent users from messing up their apps?
  • How can you ensure users won’t work around your important security and operating system settings?
  • How can you re-apply key application and operating systems settings when users are disconnected from the network?

A “Least Privilege” solution like Viewfinity isn’t trying to solve these problems.

That’s why there’s PolicyPak.

PolicyPak prevents users from manipulating important settings, but also quietly reapplies misconfigured settings if a user or application happens to work around them.

In short, PolicyPak enhances your Viewfinity investment. And PolicyPak protects your users from themselves.

PolicyPak was designed by Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz – who “wrote the book” on Group Policy, runs GPanswers.com, and lives and breathes Group Policy and enterprise software deployments and desktop lockdown.

If you’re ready to go deeper with your desktop security, we’re here for you. Click the Download or Webinar link (or call 800-883-8002) and let us know you’re like a free trial of PolicyPak.