PolicyPak works alongside Scriptlogic’s Active Administrator

If you’re a Scriptlogic’s Active Administrator customer, then you know its features are super handy! It has great Active Directory disaster recovery features, auditing for Active Directory, and excellent Group Policy Object management.

Scriptlogic’s Active Administrator, however, doesn’t add “super powers” to manage or lock down your desktops though.Active Administrator is about managing the contents of the Active Directory itself, and the management of objects inside it.

One of Scriptlogic’s Active Administrator functions helps with the creation, check-out, check-in and history of GPOs themselves. It handles the workflow and deployment of the Group Policy Objects themselves.

So, if you’ve already got Scriptlogic’s Active Administrator, and you want to lock down your applications (like we show in lots of our videos), PolicyPak just fits right in.

Watch this video (exclusively for Scriptlogic’s Active Administrator owners) to see exactly how Active Administrator can add superpowers to GPOs with PolicyPak. You’ll see how Active Administrator is perfectly compatible with PolicyPak and you’ll get full change-control, reporting, history and rollback capabilities.

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So, if you’re invested in Active Administrator and committed to Group Policy as your way to lock down desktops, PolicyPak is the way you want to do it.

Remember, Active Administrator doesn’t add any more super-powers to your desktop. That’s okay.

That’s what PolicyPak is for. We have videos all over the website to show those superpowers off, like this one

So use:

  • Active Administrator manage your Group Policy Objects overall
  • Use PolicyPak to more securely manage your desktops and applications

PolicyPak was designed by Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz – who “wrote the book” on Group Policy, runs GPanswers.com, and lives and breathes Group Policy and enterprise software deployments and desktop lockdown.

In fact, PolicyPak’s founder, Jeremy Moskowitz also “guest blogs” on Scriptlogic’s website

Active Administrator from Scriptlogic is great to manage your GPOs overall. PolicyPak to manage your desktops and make Active Administrator even better.

When you’re ready to add the desktop superpowers you need (and then manage them using Group Policy) PolicyPak is here for you. And you can use Scriptlogic’s Active Administrator utility to manage it.

Click on Download or Webinar on the right to get PolicyPak and try it out for yourself.