PolicyPak Preconfigured Paks

Pre-Configured Paks

(by product name)

Pak for 12Ghosts Pak for 3DS Max Pak for 4Sync Pak for 7-Zip Pak for ACE Dental Software Pak for AOL Messenger Pak for AbiWord Pak for Acala DVD Ripper Pak for Access Pak for AccuTerm 7 Pak for Acrobat Pak for Acrobat Reader Pak for Acrobat Reader DC Pak for Acrobat Reader X Pak for Acrobat Reader XI Pak for Adobe Bridge Pak for Adobe Dreamweaver Pak for Adobe Flash Builder Pak for Adobe Flash CS6 Pak for Adobe Prelude CS6 Pak for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Pak for Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 Pak for Adobe Updater Pak for All My Movies Pak for Amaya Pak for Apache Tomcat Pak for App-V Client Pak for Artweaver Pak for Audacity Pak for AutoCAD Pak for AutoCAD Civil 3D Pak for AutoCAD Map 3D Pak for AutoCad Civil 3D Pak for Autocad Civil 3D Pak for Autocad Map 3D Pak for Autocad P&ID Pak for Autocad Plant 3D Pak for Berkeley Madonna Pak for Beyond Compare 4 Pak for Blackberry Desktop Pak for CCProxy Pak for CCleaner Pak for Camtasia Studio Pak for CaseMap Pak for Chrome Pak for Chrome Flags Pak for Classic IE Settings 4.1 Pak for Classic Shell Explorer 4.1 Pak for Classic Shell Start Menu 4.1 Pak for Core FTP Pak for CorelCAD Pak for Crystal Reports Pak for DWG TrueView 2015 Pak for Daemon Tools Pak for Dentrix Pak for Deploying and Securing Google Chrome Pak for DesignReview Pak for Disk Defrag Pak for Diskeeper Pak for Endpoint Protection 12.1 Pak for Enterprise Xshell Pak for Eudora Pak for Evernote Pak for Excel Pak for Exporter Pak for Extra Xtreme Pak for Fbackup Pak for FileMaker Pak for FileZilla Pak for Firefox Pak for Firefox About Config Pak for Flash Player Pak for Forefront Endpoint Protection Pak for FoxIT Reader Pak for Git Gui Pak for Gizmo Pak for GoTo Meeting Pak for Google Earth Pak for GroupWise Pak for GroupWise Notify Pak for Gtalk Pak for HGViewer Pak for HeidiSQL Pak for Host Intrusion Prevention Pak for ICQ Pak for IE Spell Pak for Info Pak for InfoPath Pak for Internet Explorer Pak for Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configurtion Pak for Inventor Pak for Irfranview Pak for Ironcad Compose Pak for JInitiator Pak for JaBack Pak for Java Pak for Jing Pak for Jitsi 2.9 Pak for K-ML Pak for KCleaner Pak for KITE Client Pak for Keepass Password Safe Pak for LibreOffice Pak for LibreOffice Calc Pak for LibreOffice Draw Pak for LibreOffice Impress Pak for LibreOffice Math Pak for LibreOffice Writer Pak for LogMeIn Pak for Lotus Notes Pak for Lync Client Pak for MalwareBytes Pak for Mini Remote Control Pak for NetBeans IDE Pak for Notepad++ Pak for Nuance PDF Converter Assistant Pak for Nuance PDF Enterprise Pak for Office System Pak for Office Upload Center Pak for OneDrive Pak for Onenote Pak for OpenOffice calc Pak for OpenOffice draw Pak for OpenOffice impress Pak for OpenOffice math Pak for OpenOffice writer Pak for OpenOffice writer web Pak for OpenOffice-calc Pak for OpenOffice-impress Pak for OpenOffice-math Pak for OpenOfficeorg Pak for Opera Pak for Opera Next Pak for Orca Pak for OrgPlus Pak for OrgPublisher Pak for Outlook Pak for PDF Creator Pak for PDF Fusion Pak for PERT Chart EXPERT Pak for PKZip Pak for PaintShop Pro X5 Pak for PerfectGuard Pak for Picasa Pak for PowerChute Business Edition Pak for PowerISO Pak for PowerPoint Pak for Project Pak for PuTTY Pak for Publisher Pak for RDP Files Pak for Real Player Pak for RealVNC Address Book Pak for RealVNC Server Service Pak for RealVNC Viewer Pak for Reliability Workbench Pak for Remote Support Pak for RevIt Architecture Pak for Revu Pak for SDK Pak for SMART Diagnostics Pak for SMART Ink Pak for SMART Notebook Pak for SMART Recorder Pak for SMART Response Pak for SMART Video Player Pak for Sage 50 Accounting Pak for Saral Dental Pak for SeaMonkey Pak for SeaMonkey ChatZilla Pak for Settings Pak for SharePoint Designer Pak for Shockwave Pak for Silverlight Pak for SketchBook Pak for SketchBook Pro Pak for Sketchup Pak for SkyDrive Pak for SkyDrive 2012 Pak for Skype Pak for Snag It Main Application Pak for SnagIt-Editor Pak for Snapform Viewer Pak for Snipping Tool Pak for SolidWorks Composer Player Pak for SolidWorks Explorer Pak for SonicWall Pak for Stapler Pak for Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2015 Pak for SugarSync Pak for Synfig Studio Pak for Teamviewer Pak for TextMap Pak for Thunderbird Pak for TightVNC Pak for Trillian Pak for TrueCrypt Pak for UltraEdit Pak for UltraVNC Edit Settings Pak for UltraVNC Server Pak for VM VirtualBox Pak for Viewer Plus Pak for VirusScan Enterprise Pak for Visio Pak for WBS Chart Pro Pak for WebWasher Classic Pak for WinISO Pak for WinRAR Pak for WinZip Pak for Windows 10 Pak for Windows 7 Pak for Windows 7 and 8 Pak for Windows 7 and Later Pak for Windows 8 Pak for Windows Hosts File Pak for Windows Live Messenger Pak for Windows Media Player Pak for Windows Operating System Pak for Windows XP Pak for Word Pak for Workstation Pak for X1 Email Pak for XFTP Pak for Xlpd Pak for Xmanager Enterprise Xbrowser Pak for Xmanager Xbrowser Pak for Xmanager Xstart Pak for Xshell Pak for Yahoo Messenger Pak for eDrawings Pak for for Windows Pak for mIRC Pak for media player Pak for ooVoo

STIG Paks for common applications

Google Chrome Java 6 for Windows 7 Java 6 for Windows XP Java 7 for Windows 7 Java 7 for Windows XP McAfee VirusScan Access Excel Groove InfoPath Internet Explorer Lync Office System Onenote Outlook PowerPoint Project Publisher SharePoint Designer Visio Word Firefox Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 Windows 8.1 Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Windows Server

Pre-Configured Paks

(by company name)

Paks for 12Ghosts Inc. Products:

- 12Ghosts

Paks for ACE Dental Software Products:

- ACE Dental Software

Paks for AOL Inc. Products:

- AOL Messenger

Paks for APC Products:

- PowerChute Business Edition

Paks for AbiSource Products:

- AbiWord

Paks for Acala Software Products:

- Acala DVD Ripper

Paks for Adobe Systems Inc. Products:

- Flash Player - Shockwave - Acrobat Reader XI - Acrobat Reader X - Acrobat Reader DC - Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 - Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 - Adobe Prelude CS6 - Adobe Flash CS6 - Adobe Dreamweaver - Adobe Flash Builder - Adobe Bridge - Adobe Updater - Acrobat Reader - Acrobat

Paks for Aquire Products:

- OrgPublisher

Paks for Arainia Solutions LLC. Products:

- Gizmo

Paks for Attachmate Products:

- Extra Xtreme

Paks for Auslogics Software Pty Ltd Products:

- Disk Defrag

Paks for Autodesk Products:

- Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2015

Paks for Autodesk Inc Products:

- SketchBook Pro

Paks for Autodesk Inc. Products:

- DWG TrueView 2015 - AutoCAD Map 3D - SketchBook - RevIt Architecture - Inventor - DesignReview - Autocad Plant 3D - Autocad P&ID - Autocad Map 3D - AutoCAD Civil 3D - Autocad Civil 3D - AutoCad Civil 3D - AutoCAD - 3DS Max

Paks for BlackBerry Products:

- Blackberry Desktop

Paks for Bluebeam Software Inc Products:

- Stapler - Revu

Paks for Bolide Products:

- All My Movies

Paks for Boris Eyrich Products:

- Artweaver

Paks for Cerulean Studios. LLC Products:

- Trillian

Paks for Citrix Online LLC Products:

- GoTo Meeting

Paks for Condusiv Technologies Products:

- Diskeeper

Paks for Core FTP Products:

- Core FTP

Paks for Corel Products:

- PDF Fusion - PaintShop Pro X5 - CorelCAD

Paks for Critical Tools Inc. Products:

- WBS Chart Pro - PERT Chart EXPERT

Paks for CyberGuard Products:

- WebWasher Classic

Paks for Daemon Tools Products:

- Daemon Tools

Paks for Dassault Systemes Products:

- SolidWorks Explorer - SolidWorks Composer Player - eDrawings

Paks for Dominik Reichi Products:

- Keepass Password Safe

Paks for Eclipse Products:


Paks for Epi Products:

- Info

Paks for Evernote Corporation Products:

- Evernote

Paks for FileMaker Inc Products:

- FileMaker

Paks for FileZilla.Org Products:

- FileZilla

Paks for Foxit Corporation Products:

- FoxIT Reader

Paks for Free Software Foundation Inc. Products:

- Notepad++

Paks for GNU GPL Products:

- Audacity

Paks for Google Products:

- Sketchup - Picasa - Gtalk - Chrome Flags - Chrome

Paks for Google Inc. Products:

- Google Earth

Paks for HeidiSQL Products:

- HeidiSQL

Paks for Henry Schein Practice Solutions Products:

- Dentrix

Paks for Hitek Software LLC Products:

- JaBack

Paks for IBM Products:

- Lotus Notes

Paks for ICQ Products:


Paks for IDM Computer Solutions Inc Products:

- UltraEdit

Paks for Igor Pavlov Products:

- 7-Zip

Paks for Insperity Business Services Products:

- OrgPlus

Paks for Irfan Skiljan Products:

- Irfranview

Paks for IronCAD LLC Products:

- Ironcad Compose

Paks for Isograph Ltd. Products:

- Reliability Workbench

Paks for Ivo Beltchev Products:

- Classic Shell Start Menu 4.1 - Classic Shell Explorer 4.1 - Classic IE Settings 4.1

Paks for Jitsi.org Products:

- Jitsi 2.9

Paks for KC Software Products:

- KCleaner

Paks for KC Softwares Products:

- K-ML

Paks for LexisNexis Products:

- TextMap - CaseMap

Paks for LibreOffice Products:

- LibreOffice Writer - LibreOffice Math - LibreOffice Impress - LibreOffice Draw - LibreOffice Calc - LibreOffice

Paks for LogMeIn Inc Products:

- LogMeIn

Paks for Malwarebytes Corporation Products:

- MalwareBytes

Paks for McAfee Products:

- Host Intrusion Prevention

Paks for McAffe Products:

- VirusScan Enterprise

Paks for Microsoft Products:

- Windows Hosts File - RDP Files - SkyDrive - Forefront Endpoint Protection - Word - Windows Operating System - SkyDrive 2012 - Windows 10 - Windows Media Player - Windows Live Messenger - Windows 7 and 8 - Windows XP - Windows 7 and Later - Windows 8 - Windows 7 - Visio - Snipping Tool - Skype - Silverlight - SharePoint Designer - Publisher - Project - PowerPoint - Outlook - Office System - Orca - Onenote - OneDrive - Office Upload Center - Lync Client - Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configurtion - Internet Explorer - InfoPath - Excel - App-V Client - Access

Paks for Mozilla Products:

- Firefox About Config - Firefox - SeaMonkey ChatZilla - SeaMonkey - Thunderbird

Paks for NSA for PolicyPak Application Manager Products:

- Deploying and Securing Google Chrome

Paks for NetSarang Computer Products:

- Xmanager Enterprise Xbrowser - Xshell - Xlpd - XFTP - Xmanager Xstart - Xmanager Xbrowser

Paks for NetSarang Computer Xmanager Products:

- Enterprise Xshell

Paks for New IT Solutions Ltd. Products:

- 4Sync

Paks for Novell Inc. Products:

- GroupWise Notify - GroupWise

Paks for Nuance Communications Inc. Products:

- Nuance PDF Enterprise - Nuance PDF Converter Assistant

Paks for Opera Software ASA Products:

- Opera

Paks for Opera Software ASA. Products:

- Opera Next

Paks for Oracle Products:

- VM VirtualBox - NetBeans IDE - JInitiator - Java

Paks for PARCC Products:

- Settings

Paks for PKWARE Inc. Products:

- PKZip

Paks for Pdfforge Products:

- PDF Creator

Paks for Piriform Ltd. Products:

- CCleaner

Paks for Power Software Ltd. Products:

- PowerISO

Paks for Qualcomm Incorporated Products:

- Eudora

Paks for RARLabs Products:

- WinRAR

Paks for Raxco Products:

- PerfectGuard

Paks for RealNetworks Inc. Products:

- Real Player

Paks for RealVNC Limited Products:

- Viewer Plus - RealVNC Viewer - RealVNC Server Service - RealVNC Address Book

Paks for Red Egg Software Products:

- IE Spell

Paks for Ringler Informatik AG Products:

- Snapform Viewer

Paks for SAP Products:

- Crystal Reports

Paks for SARALs Solutions Products:

- Saral Dental

Paks for SMART Technologies Products:

- SMART Video Player - SMART Response - SMART Recorder - SMART Notebook - SMART Ink - SMART Diagnostics

Paks for Scooter Software Inc. Products:

- Beyond Compare 4

Paks for Shawn Pearce. Products:

- Git Gui

Paks for Simon Tatham Products:


Paks for Softland Products:

- Fbackup

Paks for Software Publishing Corporation Products:

- HGViewer

Paks for SolarWinds DameWare Products:

- Remote Support - Mini Remote Control - Exporter

Paks for SonicWALL L.L.C. Products:

- SonicWall

Paks for SugarSync Inc. Products:

- SugarSync

Paks for Symantec Products:

- Endpoint Protection 12.1

Paks for Synfig contributors Products:

- Synfig Studio

Paks for TeamViewer Products:

- Teamviewer

Paks for TechSmith Corporation Products:

- SnagIt-Editor - Snag It Main Application - Jing

Paks for Techsmith Corporation Products:

- Camtasia Studio

Paks for The Apache Software Foundation Products:

- OpenOfficeorg - OpenOffice writer web - OpenOffice writer - OpenOffice math - OpenOffice-math - OpenOffice impress - OpenOffice-impress - OpenOffice draw - OpenOffice calc - OpenOffice-calc - Apache Tomcat

Paks for The Sage Group Products:

- Sage 50 Accounting

Paks for TightVNC Products:

- TightVNC

Paks for TrueCrypt Foundation Products:

- TrueCrypt

Paks for UltraVNC Team Products:

- UltraVNC Server - UltraVNC Edit Settings

Paks for University of California Products:

- Berkeley Madonna

Paks for University of Kansas Products:

- KITE Client

Paks for Useful Security Configuration Products:

- for Windows

Paks for VLC Products:

- media player

Paks for VMware Products:

- Workstation

Paks for WinISO Computing Inc. Products:

- WinISO

Paks for WinZip International LLC Products:

- WinZip

Paks for World Wide Web Consortium Products:

- Amaya

Paks for X1 Technologies Inc. Products:

- X1 Email

Paks for Yahoo Inc Products:

- Yahoo Messenger

Paks for Youngzsoft Products:

- CCProxy

Paks for Zumasys Inc. Products:

- AccuTerm 7

Paks for mIRC Co. Products:

- mIRC

Paks for ooVoo LLc. Products:

- ooVoo