How to Buy

Our software is licensed per desktop, laptop, and/or concurrent Terminal Services/Citrix connections you have.

It is not licensed per user.

Our pricing starts at 100 computers and is $2500.00

Everyone’s situation is a little different, but it’s easy to get your own specific quote. Click here and fill out the form, or pick up the phone and call 800-883-8002.

The actual process of getting licensed is quite easy. We have a FAQ and video of the process here.

PolicyPak is licensed per OU, multiple OUs or a whole domain.

So, you only pay for the licenses you need, and never any more. PolicyPak is “all you can eat” – per computer. You get the engine (CSE) for each endpoint, all the pre-configured paks, the PolicyPak Design Studio and all tech support.

When you’re ready to get a specific quote based upon your circumstances or want to try the software, click here or call us at our free number: 800-883-8002.