What does PolicyPak do?

PolicyPak locks down applications so your users can't mess up their desktop. Whether it's application users constantly manipulating settings and preferences, or just the occasional slip of the mouse, PolicyPak is there to prevent those by performing a lockdown using Group Policy, ensuring compliance based upon the desired configuration state of your desktop applications and operating system.

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Auditors and You: A Harmonious Relationship?

You want auditors to feel confident that you're doing all you can to ensure security based upon application access in desktop and server environments. But giving them a straight answer on how a particular desktop is configured has been a challenge. Once a machine is deployed there are significant opportunities for users to manipulate settings, work around corporate standards and bypass IT security directives and controls.

Because very few applications are designed with security compliance in mind, users can simply choose their own preferences and deviate from your required corporate standards. And, as can be expected, when audit time comes around, you'll fail for not being able to uphold application security.

PolicyPak can help you regain control and work toward compliance. PolicyPak has a clearly-defined goal: to ensure the settings and security of both your application and your operating system. With PolicyPak, you configure the desired settings for the operating systems and applications you have deployed, then deliver the options, settings, and security using the technology you already use: Active Directory and Group Policy.

Once delivered, those settings can be locked down or re-delivered if a user changes them; allowing you to demonstrate to auditors that your corporate operating systems and application's settings are delivered consistently every day; at logon time and also while a user is logged in (in the background). So even if the application doesn't natively support "lock out", PolicyPak does the job.

You're now doing all you can to ensure the compliance of end user applications access to corporate standards.

PolicyPak comes with preconfigured Paks for common applications like Java JRE, Firefox, WinZip, Acrobat Reader and more! What’s more, PolicyPak also enables you to create your own "Paks" for any application !

With PolicyPak, desktop management is easier and you can take comfort in knowing for sure that "What you SET is what they GET."

Compliance-Ready Next Steps

With a multitude of laws and standards out there, including Sarbanes-Oxley (Sarbox), Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) and HIPAA, you need to be ready to prove that you – the party responsible for access settings and application security – are setting the necessary corporate directives.

Are you prepared to meet your legal obligations?

PolicyPak can help you get there by reducing the use of unauthorized software, improving your overall application security (because it's enforcing the settings YOU want) and helping you improve the control over your desktops by enforcing Group Policy security.

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