Ah, the good old days of network security. Back then it was as simple as implementing a firewall and sealing off outside threats aimed at your computer. Slap on some client antivirus software and your network assets were protected, right?

Well, no actually. We didn’t know what could hurt us. Besides, those days are as outdated as the floppy disk. Today’s IT environment requires a Layered Approach to security in which a series of different defenses are utilized to cover the gaps in the others’ protective shortcomings.

Users are also much more familiar with computers today and think they know how to configure or “improve” the settings and applications the IT department have already employed or put into the “golden image.” They also have no problem with the idea of installing their own applications on your machine. In fact a recent study by Cisco reported that 70 percent of IT professionals believe that as many as half of their companies' data loss incidents can be traced to the use of unauthorized programs.

Take web browsers for instance: you try and control Internet Explorer through Group Policy only to find that your users are installing Firefox and Chrome and running wild. In other instances, the simple act of misconfiguring application settings can expose the desktop and thus the network to security weaknesses.

These behaviors exhibited by users puts your organization at risk of data leaks at the client level. This is why it is important to have a data leak prevention system that protects against this, removing these areas of vulnerability at the user level. In order to lock down your data today, you need to lock down the desktop.

PolicyPak can help with this. Find out more by signing up for an introductory webinar or read on for more details.

What Endpoint Security Means Today

Here’s the cold hard truth: Endpoint Security today means you have to harden “each and every” endpoint in your network, whether they are ON or they are OUTSIDE the confines of your network.

Oh, and to make it “headache free” you want you it to be a simple process too that you can centrally perform. And, to make things harder, you’ve got thousands of devices to manage.

Network Administrators have to be proactive with their computer fleet to manage the desktop endpoints and what users are doing with corporate machines. What’s more, they need to secure it in a way that minimizes the security risk of protecting data leaks (DLP), without disrupting the way users work.

How PolicyPak Fits into the Equation

PolicyPak can help you get accomplish the colossal goal of endpoint security by improving your overall application security. PolicyPak delivers the IT and security settings you decide – not the users. You improve the control over your desktops by enforcing your security using Microsoft’s Group Policy delivery.

PolicyPak does much more than simply distribute the application and operating system settings. It can actually disable and hide selected interface elements – or an entire tab of elements. “Out of the box” Group Policy doesn’t permit this superpower – only PolicyPak does.

In addition, PolicyPak enforces your configurations even when the computer is offline. Native Group Policy cannot help a mobile user who is constantly on the road with their computing device. PolicyPak was designed and developed to meet the demands of the network in today’s mobile workforce using modern desktop applications.

In today’s IT world, it’s not enough just to configure the applications and desktops one time when you deliver the machine to the user. You need to consistently enforce those settings and lock down applications and settings as securely as possible.

Take control of your desktops and attain the sense of security that you want and that your network demand with simple, cost-effective and manageable solutions. For more information on the various PolicyPak versions, click here.

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