Improve Compliance with PolicyPak

PolicyPak software products provide the control you need to ensure you meet your audit compliance requirements.

Keep Auditors Happy

How’s your endpoint security? It’s vital for your business, but I bet you don’t enjoy auditors reviewing your systems.

Your current endpoint security systems – whether they are Group Policy-based, SCCM or Hyper-V – cannot deliver settings lockdown and remediation.

Which means your auditors will have unanswered questions as to your security. And so will you.

Management Control with PolicyPak

How about a better way: a solution to improving your endpoint security and satisfying your audit requirements?

The PolicyPak software suite takes your endpoint management all the way.

It will deliver, enforce and automatically remediate your user desktop and application settings while giving you real time ability to report on your compliance.

Find out more about why you need PolicyPak here.

Increase Compliance Reach with Flexible Delivery Modes

PolicyPak software allows you to ensure compliance even for machines which are away from your network (e.g. telecommuters) by providing a choice of delivery modes: either on-premise or PolicyPak Cloud.

Find out more about delivery modes here.

About your compliance requirements

We’ve prepared a whitepaper exploring best practices for security controls in your network and looking at how PolicyPak can help.

About our products

PolicyPak has a series of products designed to give you pre-emptive, responsive and flexible control of your application and desktop settings.

You can find out the basics of why you need PolicyPak here, or explore the product matrix below:

PolicyPak Product



  • Stay compliant with settings lockdown and auto-remediation.
  • Extend your reach to remote machines when delivering via PolicyPak Cloud.
  • Pre-configured Paks for Java, Firefox, Adobe Products & hundreds more.
  • Get your in-house applications compliant via PolicyPak DesignStudio.

  • Keep Microsoft’s Group Policy Preferences working for you, even when the computer is offline.
  • Extend Group Policy Preferences to non-domain joined machines (when using PolicyPak Cloud).
  • Nothing to configure – all automatic once licensed.

  • See at a glance which computers and users are in or out of compliance.
  • Dive deep and discover which computers are missing what settings.
  • Free reporting on PolicyPak Application Manager directives when PolicyPak Application Manager is already licensed.