General Configuration & Operation



What is the difference between running the gp update (Microsoft) and pp update (PolicyPak) commands?


What if I am having trouble getting the Licensing GPO installed?


What happens to a PolicyPak application setting when the GPO falls out of scope?


We upgraded our PolicyPak DLL files recently after creating a new PolicyPak with Design Studio. After the implementation we would like to revert back to the original PolicyPak. I have a local copy of the former PolicyPak DLL.Can I downgrade to the curre


Should I backup my PolicyPak files?


PolicyPak Roles and Responsibilities


I’m trying to find a particular font setting in one of your Word PolicyPaks but I can’t find it. Is the setting not support?


Is there an easy way to back up the GPO’s I configured with PolicyPak?


Is there a particular naming scheme I need to use when compiling my PolicyPaks within Design Studio?


I need to modify the Pak (DLL file) of one of the applications I control with PolicyPak. Will I lose my group policy settings after I modify the DLL file?


I installed PolicyPak Design Studio on a Windows 7 Laptop but there are still some XP and Vista stations in our network. Will the PolicyPaks I create work for all three operating system?


I deselected the Applock feature, Disable whole tab in target application, but the elements are still grayed out.How can I fix this?


I am testing PolicyPak out in Community Mode and I’ve noticed that some of the item settings are never enforced on the client end.Are some items not supported in Community Mode?


I am selecting values for certain settings for the Lync client.On the Alerts tab, I am selecting and deselecting various radio buttons but none of these selections are being underlined. Why is this?


I am configuring the values for some settings for an application.Many of these settings involve checkmarks which are unchecked by default.How can I tell if an unchecked checkbox is being delivered or not?


How can I use the PolicyPak Central store (if I was already using the PolicyPak Local store?)


How can I keep abreast of the latest PolicyPak updates as they are released?


Does PolicyPak Application Manager work when the machine is NOT US-English (say, Italian or Russian?)


Can PolicyPak help me in pushing, assigning or configuring printers?


Can I Export my PolicyPak GPO settings so that they can be used in the future to create similar GPOs?


Can I deploy the PolicyPak application settings I’ve configured as a one-time only deployment like Group Policy Preferences does?


Are there any required permission settings for a PolicyPak Administrator to store PolicyPak DLL Extensions to the central store?