PreConfigured Paks

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What is the official support policy for the pre-configured Paks?
What do I do if I find a problem with a preconfigured Pak?
How will I know that an existing Pak will work with the version of the application I have today (and tomorrow)?
I added a Pak and some items are Greyed out / not available. In other Paks, everything seems available. What's happening?
Can I deliver, manage and/or revoke certificates directly to Firefox, Java or Internet Explorer?
Can I enable / disable add-ons for Firefox and/or Internet Explorer and/or Chrome?
I am creating a USER based GPO for one of our Mozilla applications and I want to lock it down using the system-wide config file but I don’t see this option when I right click the setting. How do I access this lockdown feature?
How often do the policy Paks for specific apps get updated?
What is "Internal (pre-Defined)" Item Level Targeting?
Why do some Paks have pre-defined Item Level Targeting for an EXACT version number, and others say "Version 7 to 99" (or similar)?
Why would I want to bypass Internal (pre-defined) Item Level Targeting?
One of my Pak entry’s settings is not getting delivered on target machines. What should be the first thing to look into?
Is "Internal Item-Level Targeting" on by default?
For Google Chrome there are two Paks. What is the difference between the Registry Pak and the JSON pak?
Using the Pre-configured Pak for Java, how do I prevent “Java has discovered application components that could indicate a security concern.” Pop up?


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