What support options do I have for TRIAL and COMMUNITY?

If you encounter any issues during your trial or use of PolicyPak in Community mode, then follow the guidelines in the PolicyPak User guide, locate the required log files, then send an email to support [ at] policypak.com with your pXML file and log files.

What support options do I have for LICENSED computers?

For licensed computers, you are entitled to free phone support as well as directly emailing your questions to support. Again, it's best if you follow the guidelines in the PolicyPak User guide and send us the required pXML and log files so we can quickly troubleshoot your issue.

What do I get with Product Maintenance?

Product maintenance entitles you to:

  • Phone support for initial installation and licensing issues
  • Email support for any "day to day" issues
  • Unlimited updates for the CSE and PolicyPak Design Studio, and,
  • Any new Pre-configured Pak we create.

Is Product Maintenance optional?

You must purchase Product Maintenance for PolicyPak Professional for all licensed computers. However, the very first year a PolicyPak Professional computer license is purchased, Product Maintenance is included in the cost of the license.

What kind of support do I get when I buy a PolicyPak Professional license with PolicyPak Design Studio?

This is easy.The latest version of PolicyPak Professional is always available for customers.

If there's a feature update to the Design Studio, management console components (MMC) or CSE (client-side-extension), then those updates are always included as part of your software maintenance fees. As soon as any updates are ready, we'll let you know thru a direct email.

All customers are notified when there's an update. Just download, and go enjoy the new features !

Can I make product suggestions? Can I make a Pak-suggestion?

All customers are ENCOURAGED to send your wishes to us, so we can build extra functionality into PolicyPak Professional and the PolicyPak Design Studio. Additionally, if there's a pre-configured Pak you think our in-house team should create, we'll consider it a top priority for paid customers.

Do you have an SLA or Supportability Statement ?

Our support policy is as follows:

  • For "How Do I" questions, please ask them on the PolicyPak support forums. We are usually monitoriing it throughout the day and you could get a response very quickly. We strive to respond to all questions within the same business day.
  • For private questions / problems / concerns, all customers may email support [at ] policypak.com or leave a voicemail and await a response. We again strive to respond to all questions within the same business day.

Times vary to actually solve particular issues, so we do not "guarantee" time to a closure of a particular issue.


Phone: 800.883.8002

Some of our customers include:
Nearfield Systems
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