Why does Internet Explorer Maintenance go away when IE 10 is installed? (And what can I do about it?)

We’ve been POUNDED with questions about Internet Explorer maintenance questions lately.

Some people have discovered that when:

1. YOU (yes YOU) install Internet Explorer 10 on your Windows 7 machine …


1b. YOU (yes YOU) use Windows 8 machine which is pre-loaded with IE 10 …

Then …

2. You (yes YOU) lose the ability to manage Internet Explorer Maintenance (IEM) policies within GPOs.

Added April 17th: But, the problem actually gets worse. We know the IEM data and directives inside the GPO are still there. But when IE 10 is placed upon that machine, it promptly ignores those directives.

And, I already created a whole whitepaper to help you understand exactly how to Migrate away from IEM policies, since Microsoft has officially declared it DEAD. PS: The fancy word for DEAD is “deprecated.” [DEP-ri-kate-ed.]

So to see the video first (and see where to get the whitepaper SECOND).

(Video updated April 17, 2013). Tip: Video looks best in full screen mode.

Click here for Video Transcript

Hope this helps you out.

PS: Special thanks to the following people who helped inspire this blog entry:

1. Patrick Gotsch (www.gotsch-it.de) for helping discover the “IEM doesn’t apply anymore on IE 10” discovery.

2 and 3. Thanks also to fellow GP MVPs Darren Mar-Elia and Alan Burchil. They each have blog posts about this too and you can check ’em out.

Darren’s: http://sdmsoftware.com/ie-policy/warning-installing-ie-10-on-your-windows-7-workstation-removes-ie-maintenance-policy-from-group-policy/

Alan’s: http://www.grouppolicy.biz/2013/04/missing-internet-explorer-maintenance-option-from-gpmc-with-windows-7-2008-r2/