Customer Case Studies

"PolicyPak Cloud just works. This ability to deploy settings to anywhere a user might be is an enormous benefit."
__ William Evans,
Information Technology Manager, Global Ore Discovery
"We looked at PolicyPak and said, 'This is it! This is exactly what we need!'"
__ Faye Jasman,
Applications Analyst, Canal Insurance
"PolicyPak was the only policy tool we found that provided the level of granularity that we required to manage Firefox"
__ Adrian Reed,
Network Administrator, First Supply
"We’ve been using PolicyPak for two years; it has helped us to retain control of settings within a very dynamic environment."
__ Drew Rabinowitz,
Associate Director, Computer Support Services, Suffolk County Community College
"PolicyPak enables us, as admins, to say yes to software responsibly, instead of being the IT guys that always say no to everything."
__ Jon Bain,
IT Services Team Leader, Crutchfield
"We don’t have to babysit all our deployed applications like we used to. PolicyPak has significantly reduced our troubleshooting and updating efforts"
__ Anthony Weitz, Microcomputer Technician, Windmill,
Library and Service Center, Las Vegas
"Without PolicyPak, it would be a nightmare to maintain settings."
__ Justin Taylor,
Group Information Technology Manager, RTC Group plc
"We had it nailed and got instantly secure in under two business days."
__ David Hoffman,
Network Administrator Northwest Area Foundation
"I can honestly say you guys are ‘Top Shelf"
__ Scott Claerhout,
Ferris State University
"With PolicyPak Cloud, what used to be a 20-hour Group Policy effort has been reduced to just five minutes."
__ Ernest Murry,
CTO and Co-Founder, Genuine Technology Group