PolicyPak Customer Success Stories

On-Prem or in Cloud: PolicyPak can boost you up to the next level of control. These case studies will show you how PolicyPak can empower, extend and amplify control over your system – whatever kind of Administrator you are.

CASE STUDY: Wyoming Machinery Company
Case Study of Wyoming Machinery Company

PolicyPak is the butter to Microsoft Active Directory's Bread. It helps you achieve more with your environment and enables you to get more things done!

Jeremy Shupick
Network Administrator, Wyoming Machinery Company
CASE STUDY: US Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Case Study of US Dept. of Veterans Affairs

To protect our resources, we must implement a number of federal security mandates. Not only does PolicyPak make it easier, but in some cases, we would have no way to implement the mandated settings without it.

Computer Specialist/Desktop and Device Engineering Solution Delivery
CASE STUDY: The Department of Orthopedics & Department of Urology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison
Case Study of University of Wisconsin-Madison

Without the flexibility inherent to PolicyPak it would be extraordinarily difficult to meet such a diverse set of user needs.

Ken Fanta
IT Director Dept of Orthopedics & Dept of Urology University of Wisconsin – Madison
CASE STUDY: LVCC Library District
Case Study of Clark County Library Systems

We don’t have to babysit all our deployed applications like we used to. PolicyPak has significantly reduced our troubleshooting and updating efforts

Anthony Weitz, Microcomputer Technician, Windmill
Library and Service Center,
Las Vegas
CASE STUDY: Crutchfield
Case Study of Crutchfield

PolicyPak enables us, as admins, to say yes to software responsibly, instead of being the IT guys that always say no to everything.

Jon Bain
IT Services Team Leader,
CASE STUDY: Suffolk County Community College
Case Study of Suffolk County Community College

We’ve been using PolicyPak for two years; it has helped us to retain control of settings within a very dynamic environment.

Drew Rabinowitz
Associate Director,
Associate Director, Computer Support Services, Suffolk County Community College
Case Study of Global Ore Discovery

PolicyPak Cloud just works. This ability to deploy settings to anywhere a user might be is an enormous benefit.

William Evans
Information Technology Manager
Global Ore Discovery