What Our Customers Say

  • PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager has helped us lock down student machines in a way we never could before. PolicyPak helps us remove local admin rights, yet gives us the flexibility to allow students to run the programs they need. And PolicyPak prevents students from downloading and running anything that isn't sanctioned. After watching PolicyPak's video tutorials on Least Privilege Manager, we were able to set up new rules in just a few minutes. We were instantly more secure.


    McCallie School
    IT Specialist

    Our business has grown quickly over the past few years, to a couple hundred people and computers. I knew I had a hard job ahead of me to eliminate admin rights in an effort to better protect the company. I was so impressed with PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager when I discovered it. Never before have I used a product that was as easy to use as the demo indicated. It worked exactly as advertised, just like the videos on the website! Now I am simply flat-out more secure, with happy users, who can download and run sanctioned web conferencing software, update their own drivers, or install our home grown software (that constantly changes). Thanks PolicyPak!


    Geoprobe Systems
    IT Network Administrator

    PolicyPak allows us to meet various security requirements and mandates. Least Privilege Manager allows us to align IT admins with their specific roles and responsibilities without compromising security as a whole. The entire PolicyPak suite is a great asset to any organization.


    Uniformed Services University
    Information Technology Specialist
  • PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager is our number one weapon against malware and cryptolocker packages. With it in place, we can revoke local admin rights across our organization, while still allowing programs to run with the required admin privileges. We use PolicyPak Start Screen & Taskbar Manager to quickly control our Windows 10 Start Screen. We used to bake our Start Menu into the configuration, but as programs updated over time, icons would disappear and users started calling us. After an hour of installing and working with PolicyPak, we rolled out a nice and organized Start Menu look to all our users for our Windows 10 project.


    Mid-City Supply Co., Inc.
    IT Manager

    I may not have the biggest environment, but it is still a huge advantage to not have to manually update every computer when users need permission to run an app, or must be prevented from doing so. Thanks to PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager, I have the ability to elevate or block admin rights at my fingertips as the need arises.


    Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants
    Administrator, IT & Facilities

    We originally started using PolicyPak as it was the only solution that we found that would allow us to manage Firefox within the enterprise. Even with Firefox's own policy manager, PolicyPak still beats that, hands down, with thousands of Firefox settings to configure. Beyond Firefox, we are now using PolicyPak to manage Java, Adobe products, and so much more! I believe that the best features are geared towards Windows 10 management. We use File Associations Manager and the Start Screen Manager for Windows 10 to specify which extensions open in what apps, and ensure that the right people are advertised the right icons on the Windows 10 start menu. Amazing! We absolutely love the Administrative Templates Manager to reduce GPOs and target new settings just for Windows 10. So, Microsoft's Group Policy in-box stuff was good. With PolicyPak, now it's great. Best of all, with our existing Group Policy experience, we already know how to use it. PolicyPak is quickly becoming our primary means of implementing new settings with Group Policy here at TIAA.


    Senior Engineer - IT | Unified Client Infrastructure Engineering | PS&A Unified Workspace
  • PolicyPak Cloud allows us to deploy settings and know that they will get to the computer wherever it is. I don’t worry about things like VPN connectivity problems, or Group Policy slow link detection. The ability to deploy settings anywhere is an enormous benefit.


    Global Ore Discovery
    Information Technology Manager

    PolicyPak Browser Router was the only policy tool we found that provided the level of granularity that we required to manage Firefox. Some products require a steep learning curve in order to use and troubleshoot a product. With PolicyPak there is no learning curve. It’s just very intuitive and easy to use.


    First Supply
    Network Administrator

    We’ve been using PolicyPak since 2014, and it helps retain control of settings within a very dynamic environment. Instead of spending time researching how to centrally change a setting for an applet on every individual machine, we use PolicyPak to automatically send out a Group Policy update to all of our computers. It’s a wonderful tool.


    Suffolk County Community College
    Associate Director, Computer Support Services
  • We don’t have to babysit our deployed applications like we used to. PolicyPak gives us a one-stop location from which we can control multiple programs, greatly simplifying what used to be time-consuming work. PolicyPak has significantly reduced our troubleshooting and updating efforts.


    Las Vegas-Clark County Library District
    Microcomputer Technician

    PolicyPak allows us to confidently say yes to applications because we can now deploy them safely, with all of the settings configured dynamically within policy. We like partnering with PolicyPak because they understand the importance of providing a high level of service which is something that we value.


    IT Services Team Leader

    Just wanted to thank you for the great new component, PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager. We tried using Whitelisting products in the past; but the time and effort to get it to work was truly draining. I love the ability in “one click” to authorize everything that I installed (and permit to run), but block running everything else that users might try to run on their own. What a great layer of security above and beyond just stopping users from being admins of their machines. We might not be the largest environment out there, we were able to get PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager and the Secure Run Policy working in under a day. We started testing the Friday it was released, pushed it out the next Monday. We used the downloadable preconfigured XML rule to enable GoToMeeting to be installed as a Standard User, then quickly created our own similar XML rule based upon that for Webex. We also have an application that we gave special permissions to a few users to run as admins. I was able to just let that single app run with elevated admin permissions and took away admin privileges plugging another security vulnerability. We were instantly secure in under two business days. We use Firefox as our go to browser here and being able to set the default search engine and apply extensions is a win for us. I applied the Firefox stuff early in the week and it worked the first time as expected, just like everything else you guys ship. Couldn't be happier with my PolicyPak investment!


    Northwest Area Foundation
    Network Administrator
  • We had a situation in which there was a new Java release that wasn’t working with our application so we needed an updated Pak. I emailed support at 5:00 p.m. in the UK, and when I came in at 8:00 a.m. the next morning, the work was done. With each issue I’ve had, the response from PolicyPak has always been fast, and professionally handled.


    RTC Group Plc
    Group Information Technology Manager

    I would like to take a moment and share my thoughts regarding the PolicyPak product as well as the support you provide. In thinking back to all the different companies that I have worked with over the years, I struggle to identify any that come close to the level of communication and support you provide. While I have grown fond of the actual PolicyPak product itself, I can honestly say that I have looked forward to your weekly emails: the new things you guys have done or just the overall sharing of information related to Windows releases and your most recent annual holiday special for buying a laptop. In a nutshell, I can honestly say you guys are “Top Shelf” and I feel confident that my team members coming aboard will have the support they need to work with PolicyPak if they need assistance.


    Ferris State University
    Process Automation Specialist