PolicyPak Group Policy Edition

Expand and strengthen the power of Group Policy. PolicyPak Group Policy Edition is a Windows endpoint management and security extension that fortifies information security, restores user productivity and lowers operating expenses. PolicyPak Group Policy Edition is designed to manage domain joined users and computers.


PolicyPak Group Policy Edition extends endpoint management solutions like Group Policy, SCCM, KACE, and Altiris to overcome your security, productivity, and budgetary limitations.

Laptop with Sheild
Local Admin Rights

Remove and manage local admin rights and enable admin-like scenarios. Enforce least privilege by using Group Policy settings.

Window 10
Windows 10 Rollouts

Configure, manage and deploy Windows 10 settings. Standardize and secure endpoints with Group Policy.

Laptop in cloud
VDI Environments

Control user and computer settings in VDI environments. Simplify Group Policy in Citrix and VMware.

Multiple Browsers
Multiple Browsers

Secure and standardize IE, Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Load the right browser for the right website.

“Take a second and think of something you wish you could do in Group Policy but currently can't. Whatever you thought of, I would be willing to bet that PolicyPak Group Policy Edition can handle it!”

Preferences Manager

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Domain Joined & Non-Domain Joined
PolicyPak has you covered.

With three editions to chose from, PolicyPak gives you the flexibility and
power wherever your organization needs it.

group policy connection

PolicyPak Group Policy Edition expands and strengthens your Microsoft Group Policy capabilities. This version is specifically designed to manage and secure domain joined users and computers.

Cloud connection

PolicyPak Cloud Edition lets you deploy Group Policy settings and powerful PolicyPak settings over the internet. This version helps you manage non-domain joined computers and remote users.

Mdm connection

PolicyPak MDM extends and enhances your MDM capabilities. This version works with providers like Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace One and Mobile Iron to manage and secure Windows Endpoints.

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