Desktop Management Software

PolicyPak is application management software
for the IT administrator
who values security and standardization.

You’ve got a desktop full of applications. And users who love to mess things up.

We help overworked IT administrators like you maintain control of their users’ computers with our enterprise Group Policy-based, desktop management software.

PolicyPak keeps working – even if end-users are doing everything they can to mess up their desktops and applications, and ruin your day.

PolicyPak delivers settings to any Windows application, and ensures that those settings are locked down, and consistent – whatever desktop they utilize.

PolicyPak guarantees that IT and business directives are adhered to by users. Create a simpler, safer and more secure computing environment and stay in control with our enterprise Group Policy management software, PolicyPak.

Get serious, and perform “Best Practices” around Group Policy management. Take back control and get your IT life back:

  • Stop running around from machine to machine to configure applications’ settings.
  • Dynamically deliver settings to common applications: Firefox, Java, Flash, Acrobat and a whole lot more!
  • Prevent users from making changes to their desktop applications and operating system settings.

PolicyPak doesn’t deliver applications. PolicyPak delivers and locks down applications’ settings.

With PolicyPak, you can ensure that when users log on, they are getting exactly the desktop, application and security settings they are supposed to get, without leaving it up to chance, or worse, leaving the configuration in the hands of the user. With PolicyPak you can be confident that “What you SET is what they GET.”

PolicyPak has pre-configured packs for common applications to get you started right away. Plus, PolicyPak has a PolicyPak Design Studio enabling you to create your own Paks for any application – fast!

PolicyPak is standards compliant and uses Active Directory and Group Policy (or SCCM or your own management tool) to deliver the settings. PolicyPak is very affordable, and flexibly licensed.

PolicyPak also has a 100% free “Community Mode” which enables you to get started right away, free of charge. Getting started couldn’t be easier.

Just click the Download or Webinar button on the right to learn how to receive your fully-operational copy of PolicyPak.

See exactly what PolicyPak can do to help you save time, effort and your sanity.