Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) enhanced by PolicyPak

Microsoft’s User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) product is great and it does something PolicyPak doesn’t do. On the other hand PolicyPak does something that Microsoft UE-V doesn’t do, too. And that makes a perfect “better together” story.

Here’s the video to show how PolicyPak and Microsoft UE-V (or, really, any User Environment Manager (UEM) tool) can work together seamlessly.

Click here for Video Transcript

Okay. Let’s review:

  • Microsoft UE-V (or any other 3rd party UEM tool) can help when users change their own settings and roam from machine to machine.
  • PolicyPak dictates settings, enforces them and ensures that IT standards are delivered and maintained.

So, better together story? You bet !

  • UE-V simply doesn’t deliver or enforce settings — ever. That’s not its job.
  • PolicyPak doesn’t roam users’ changed preference settings — ever. That’s not its job.

Let users roam what they think are important settings (UE-V). You dictate and enforce what you know are important business and IT settings (PolicyPak.)

Like Microsoft U-EV, PolicyPak works with regular installed applications and also Microsoft App-V applications. Both Microsoft U-EV and PolicyPak work with real desktop, laptops, Terminal Services (RDS) and VDI.

When you’re ready to manage try out PolicyPak with your UE-V, and manage your applications settings using

Group Policy, PolicyPak is here for you.

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