Perform Desktop Lockdown using Microsoft SCCM and PolicyPak

Microsoft SCCM enables you to deploy your applications. You love it. You live in it. You need it !

But SCCM is missing the “last mile” (sorry, SCCM.)  SCCM cannot manage the settings within the application. SCCM cannot manage the user interface of the application. SCCM cannot lock down the application.

True: You can “bake in” your suggested settings into your applications. But 10 seconds after you deploy the application to your collections, your users just work around your settings and make their desktops (and your whole company) less secure.

Don’t panic! PolicyPak prevents users from manipulating important settings, but also quietly reapplies misconfigured settings if a user or application happens to work around them.

With SCCM and PolicyPak working together, you’ve got a ludicrously powerful desktop management weapon.

Watch this video to see how you can use SCCM with PolicyPak to ensure that users’ applications are automatically deployed, remediated and fully locked down with the IT and business settings they need to have:

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Tip: We’ve also got a great whitepaper called “Why SCCM admins need PolicyPak” which can be downloaded here.

Microsoft SCCM is awesome. You’ve got massive application deployment ability. But, without PolicyPak you’re missing out on true application lockdown and remediation.

When users work around that application’s settings, that’s a support call for you, and an immediate cost to fix it, and downtime for the user (on every device they own.)

These kinds of costs are easily preventable. PolicyPak is always ensuring the application’s settings – if the client machine is online or offline.

In short, PolicyPak enhances your SCCM investment. And it protects your users from themselves.

PolicyPak was designed by Microsoft MVP Jeremy Moskowitz – who “wrote the book” on desktop management and lives and breathes enterprise software deployments and desktop lockdown.

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