PolicyPak & Citrix XenDesktop

If you’re using XenDesktop, you “get it.” You want your Windows apps to run everywhere on every device.

Awesome. So when Ivan uses his iPad, or Mary uses her MacBook, or Paul uses his PC, or Bob on his Blackberry or … okay – I’ll stop now.

You get the picture… they just have their Windows apps, on whatever device they use.

But there’s still a problem. Now that people have their apps everywhere, there’s even more opportunity to mess up any application’s settings and cause a support call.

So watch this video to see how PolicyPak can ensure that users’ desktops and applications are locked down and help add more value to your XenDesktop investment.

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You might know that some licensed Citrix customers get to take advantage of some Citrix addons:

  • Citrix Profile Management: This speeds up user logons with “Profile Streaming” and prevents the “Last writer wins” problem.  This enables the user to feel like their profile is fully loaded (even if it isn’t yet.)
  • Citrix Personal vDisk: Citrix Personal vDisk will maintain any settings the user changes and ensure they’re “there again” when the user changes desktops of VDI sessions.

Great stuff. Really great stuff. Good job Citrix !

But even if you’re licensed for Citrix Profile Management or Citrix Personal vDisk, it still doesn’t solve big problems you still have right now:

  • How are you able to guarantee key application and operating system settings for users?
  • How can you prevent users from messing up their apps?
  • How can you ensure users won’t work around your important security and operating system settings?
  • How do you prevent “application popups” when applications want to self-update?

Neither Citrix Profile Management or Citrix Personal vDisk can redeploy, adjust, lockdown or guarantee application or operating system settings.

Only PolicyPak can.

No matter what device your users are using with XenDestop, no matter what applications you’ve got set – if you’re not managing the application (or operating system) settings you’ve got a ticking time bomb on your hands. When users work around that application or operating system setting, that’s a support call for you, and an immediate cost to fix it, and downtime for the user (on every device they own.)

These kinds of costs are easily preventable. Because PolicyPak is always ensuring the application’s settings – within XenDesktop. PolicyPak works when users are connected to a live session from the server or it works when using a XenDesktop offline.

PolicyPak prevents users from manipulating important settings, but also quietly reapplies misconfigured settings if a user or application happens to work around them.

In short, PolicyPak protects your XenDesktop investment. And it protects your users from themselves.

XenDesktop is awesome. And XenDesktop’s Citrix Profile Manager add-on is awesome.

But it doesn’t perform application lockdown or prevent users from working around your important operating system or application settings. It doesn’t make your XenDesktop more secure and prevent user-generated problems.

Only PolicyPak does that.

PolicyPak was designed by Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz – who “wrote the book” on Group Policy, runs GPanswers.com, and lives and breathes Group Policy and enterprise software deployments and desktop lockdown.

If you’re ready to protect your Citrix XenDesktop investment we’re here for you. Call 800-883-8002 and let us know you’re like a free trial of PolicyPak.