PolicyPak & User Environment (UEM) Utilities

User Environment Tools (also known as User Experience Tools) help “roam” user settings from machine to machine. But User Environment tools don’t do what PolicyPak does (nor do they try to do).

See how User Environment Tools help you increase user satisfaction when users roam from machine to machine, and and see where PolicyPak fits in to deliver and enforce settings for users.

User Environment tools with PolicyPak are a perfect combination for your desktop, laptop and VDI environment!

PolicyPak and Microsoft UE-V - Better Together Story

Microsoft UE-V (User Experience Virtualization) is a great new offering from Microsoft to help users nicely roam settings between applications. But it doesn't perform enforcement of settings to your important applications. In this video, you'll learn where PolicyPak can dictate and enforce settings and Microsoft UE-V will properly roam all other settings. It's a perfect match!

PolicyPak and VMware Horizon View - Linked Clones with VMware Persona Management

You already know that VMware Horizon View enables your users to have their own unique "full desktop" available to them, remotely or locally, and run any application they need to. Users really get their "own operating system" and applications just "run perfectly" because they're really running on their own operating system. But you still have a major problem: Users get the apps they need, but you've got zero control over how your users' applications are configured. That's where PolicyPak comes in. Once the application is running inside VMware Horizon View, PolicyPak ensures your applications' settings and locks down the user's access. Watch this video to see how PolicyPak can lock down your applications inside of VMware View (and keep your headaches and helpdesk calls to a minimum).