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What’s a STIG? STIG stands for Security Technical Implementation Guide. They’re a set of government guidelines and requirements for applications, designed to make users and networks more secure. They cover many common applications and software implementations (you can find a comprehensive list here).

Instant, automatic STIG-compliance

PolicyPak products now allow you to ensure your applications and users are STIG-compliant, by preloading the STIG-recommended settings for applications onto your GPO at the touch of a button.

All the work of translating the STIG recommendations into settings configuration has been done for you, and PolicyPak Suite’s delivery and enforcement mechanisms ensure those settings are delivered and locked down for your users and applications.

Check out the video here for more details.

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PolicyPak: Import STIG files to make your applications more secure

STIG Paks for common applications

STIG Paks for common applications are available for use with PolicyPak Suite in both On-Premise and Cloud Editions.

The current range of STIG Paks includes items from Microsoft (like Office and Windows client and Server), Java, Chrome, Firefox, Adobe products and more.

New STIG Paks are being added on a rolling basis. If there’s a particular STIG which you’d like a Pak for, get in touch with us!

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Verify STIG compliance with PP Compliance Reporter

PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter allows you to view the STIG-compliance status of all of your domain-joined machines instantly and simultaneously.

You can get a Compliance Report on any of thousands of application settings at the touch of a button.

Check out the video alongside to see how Compliance Reporter allows you to verify STIG settings on your network.

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PolicyPak GP Compliance Reporter: Using an Existing GPO as a test