When I unlicense or remove PolicyPak Browser Router from scope, PolicyPak Browser Router Agent still shows as OS “default browser”. Why is that and is there a workaround?

On Windows 8.1 or later, once PolicyPak Browser Router is licensed, it becomes the “default browser” in the operating system, like what is seen here.


But even if you unlicense PolicyPak Browser Router or remove the computer from the scope of any PolicyPak Browser Router rules, you will find that PolicyPak Browser Router Agent is maintained as the OS’s default browser.

This is a “Display Only” and not reflective upon reality.

This is by design and cannot be fixed.

That being said, once you have removed PolicyPak Browser Router from scope (or unlicensed) it, it is not active any longer.

Usually IE or Edge will now actually be the default browser as far as the user EXPERIENCES it.

Alternatively, (when PolicyPak Browser Router is not present.) … an end user could open up Firefox, Chrome, IE or Edge … like what is seen here…


and manually or the operating system itself and specify the desired default browser .. like what is seen here…


And change the default browser themselves.

When this occurs, you should see the OS default change accordingly and be maintained correctly at next login.

Note: If at Logoff and logon again, you see PPBRAgent still as the default, try to delete FAMAssociations.xml which is located here %ProgramData%\PolicyPak\Common. This can be done en-mass with Group Policy Preferences Files if need be.