What is the Chrome Extension ID for all the published versions of PolicyPak Browser Router Client Side Extension?

Here is the ID list from Chrome. If you need to, you can force-install an Extension ID via ADMX or PolicyPak Application Manager Pak using this article:

Note that PolicyPak does not guarantee that the version you are using is definitely in the chrome store. We are only allowed to publish 20 items, as such, oldest items will be removed when newest items are published.

This means you might need to upgrade to the latest CSE which will then attempt to download and acquire the latest extension version.

If you want to test if a particular version is still published, you can use a URL like:


This will indicate to you if the extension is still published or not.

Date CSE version Version of extension Extension ID
10.11.2018 18.10.1856.842 kndjicdjdanehpnonfmdekhinhdcdnbo
9.3.2018 18.8.1808.948 kndjicdjdanehpnonfmdekhinhdcdnbo
7.27.2018 18.7.1779.937 kndjicdjdanehpnonfmdekhinhdcdnbo
3.28.2018 18.3.1659.1008 jdhmijaiabbgphiblbckmccdckhodbak
3.20.2018 18.3.1649.976 jdhmijaiabbgphiblbckmccdckhodbak
3.2.2018 18.3.1638.1067 jdhmijaiabbgphiblbckmccdckhodbak
12.19.2017 17.12.1560.1262 mfeebkookdmejnaljhahgjojlcahjoni
11.14.2017 17.11.1524.1428 mfeebkookdmejnaljhahgjojlcahjoni
8.17.2018 17.8.1434.1421 mfeebkookdmejnaljhahgjojlcahjoni
7.20.2017 17.7.1407.1201 jdadlnndcplobhfcdfcfobnecakhmkhd
6.21.2017 17.6.1379.695 jdadlnndcplobhfcdfcfobnecakhmkhd
6.14.2017 17.6.1371.1049 jdadlnndcplobhfcdfcfobnecakhmkhd
4.27.2017 17.3.1281.984 jdadlnndcplobhfcdfcfobnecakhmkhd
2.22.2017 17.2.1260.930 jdadlnndcplobhfcdfcfobnecakhmkhd