How can I update my computer groups to a specific (or latest) Client Side Extension? How can I do small-scale tests before a large scale rollout?

You get different features when your client computers are using the latest version of the Client Side Extension (CSE).
But you might want to perform small scale tests before you roll out the latest Client Side Extension to ALL of your users.

Because PolicyPak acts as part of the operating system, there is always some risk of bugs or interaction problems with latest CSEs.

PolicyPak Group Policy customers could simply target a few machines to perform small scale and medium scale tests BEFORE bigger Client Side Extension rollouts. Now this ability is available to PolicyPak Cloud Customers.

One way to perform a small-scale test of a Client Side Extension is by hand-downloading the Client Side Extension from the BITS in the PORTAL (not the cloud).


Then, on one or two machines which are joined to PolicyPak Cloud, simply hand-install the Client Side Extension MSI on top of the existing version you have.

This will then let you test the latest features on these machines, and give you the confidence that they are ready for upgrade.

To perform a medium-scale rollout test of the Client Side Extension, you can use PolicyPak Cloud Groups’ “Edit Groups” feature like what’s seen here.

Every group will have this ability, including the ALL COMPUTERS group.


That being said, you can, and should have a small collection of example computers to verify and validate the Client Side Extension you want to use is working in your environment.

To do that, simply move a few computers into a Company Group and then update the Client Side Extension version on that group. This gives you a medium scale test.

Finally, when you’re ready to do more upgrades of CSEs, you can select your individual company groups, or the ALL group and perform your upgrade there.

If you upgrade the ALL group, then all other GROUPS will automatically take on that Client Side Extension version. Then NO company groups can have anything LESS than the ALL group.

Additionally, when a computer is (possibly) configured for multiple groups with conflicting levels of a Client Side Extension, the LATEST version wins.

Lastly, there is no mechanism to ROLL BACK a group to a previous version of the Client Side Extension. That’s why we provide various abilities for SMALL SCALE and MEDIUM SCALE tests before a larger rollout.