LT: I’m having some trouble installing my license key with “new” LT. What should I try next?

Your licenses will come as a BUNDLE within a ZIP file. The ZIP file end in .ZIP or .ZI_. The license file may be encrypted. (If encrypted, the password is in the email.)

Once you UN-pack the ZIP files, you will have several licenses… one for each PolicyPak component you paid for or are trialing.

You can install each file within the ZIP.. one by one.. or all at once.

Use Way #1: LT to install them one by one.

Use Way #2: Importing into a GPO to install them all at once.

Use Way #3: Old LT if you have some troubles or are directed to by PolicyPak support.


0. Your License File that you get from PP Sales team.

Way #1. NEW LT


New LT is launched here from within the download:


If New LT is giving you errors, like this:


Then try saying YES, and selecting an existing GPO where you have the ability to edit a GPO.

If that still fails, to help us troubleshoot, please find the log files for new LT

image004 (1)

And send them to [email protected]

You can still continue onward.


Way #2. Importing all the Licenses directly into the GPO

You can import all license files at once into a GPO.

A demo on how to do that can be seen here:


Click here for Video Transcript

There is no downside for doing it this way.


Way #3. Using “Old LT” (use if problems or as directed.)

Lastly, you can use the OLD LT to install licenses. Occasionally, it will work around other issues. Old LT is found in the download in this folder:

image004 (1)