LT: What must I show to prove my current RDS and/or Citrix concurrent license count (if LT cannot auto-discover them)?

It is optional to license RDS and/or Citrix XenApp and/or Citrix XenDesktop.

But if you do choose to enable those locations, you need to first try to use our LT tool to learn about your Citrix and RDS licenses.

But if the PolicyPak LT tool cannot discover them, you will likely hear from our sales team asking what the accurate count is.

There are two ways to get what we need:

Option 1: Microsoft RDS licensing tool
Option 2: Citrix License Admin Console

Remote Desktop Licensing Tool Screenshot

If you choose option 1, please take this screenshot and return it back:

RD Licensing Manager Screenshot

Tip: In this example this would be counted as 50 + 50 or 100 concurrent RDS licenses.

If you choose option 2, please take this screenshot and return it back:

Citrix XenApp and Citrix Xen Desktop Screenshot

Tip: In this example the count of licenses would be 10 (Presentation) + 10 (XenDesktop System) + 10 (User) or 30 concurrent licenses.

Therefore, wherever you pay EITHER Microsoft OR Citrix, PolicyPak also gets paid a license (whichever is HIGHER if one is higher.)

More information on PolicyPak and RDS / Citrix licensing scenarios can be found here