How do I express the number of licenses I need for PolicyPak use with my MDM service?

Each MDM service is a little different. In short though, you need to demonstrate to your sales person:

  1. How many Windows 10 machines are Actively Enrolled in your MDM service.
  2. That the screenshots are associated with an MDM account that you own/control.

About the process:

For Year 1:

  • You need to only send us a screenshot of your CURRENT usage and
  • Additionally, express any PROPOSED usage you expect for the upcoming first year.
  • That is what you pay for in the first year.

For Year 2 and onward:

  • You send your current screenshot of your current usage.
  • If you know you will plan to grow during that second year, you express your proposed usage for the upcoming year.
  • You “True up” on that actual and proposed usage.

The actual process varies for each MDM service, but here are the three most popular ones. To get started, you or your admin needs to log on to your MDM service.

Workspace One (Airwatch):

  1. Find and click upon the icon labeled “Devices”.
  2. Then in the Platforms category, locate the “Windows Desktops” section.
  3. Take a screenshot of that view. We ONLY count / care about “Windows Desktops” and not anything else.
  4. Also ensure your COMPANY name is seen in the screenshot to demonstrator MDM account ownership.

A perfect example of what we are looking for with Workspace One (Airwatch) can be seen below:

Airwatch Console - PolicyPak Software Dashboard


  1. Your dashboard should show you the amount of devices you have enrolled, as long as you have “Device By OS Type” on your dashboard.
  2. If it is in pie chart form, please click the icon in the lower left corner of the “Device By OS Type” to convert the pie chart into a bar graph. Devices By OS Type Screenshot
  3. Once you’ve converted the pie chart into a bar chart, please screenshot that bar chart and send it to us. It should look something like what is seen below.
  4. You might need a second screenshot to demonstrate account ownership.

Demonstrate Ownership in MobileIron Screenshot

Windows Intune

Windows Intune has two potential portals. Legacy and Azure based.

Legacy Portal

The Legacy portal should have the number of machines right on the Dashboard. You need to send us a screenshot demonstrating the number of Windows devices like what is seen here.

Microsoft Intune dashboard

Azure Portal

If you are using the Azure portal, first be sure you are in the Azure | Intune portion like what is seen here. Then click Devices as also seen here.

Microsoft Intune

Then the Devices screenshot will demonstrate the total Windows devices and also the ownership as seen in this shot.

Microsoft Azure