What are the restrictions when installing the PolicyPak Client Side Extension to endpoints when using PolicyPak On-Prem with my MDM service?

There are some restrictions in installing the PolicyPak Client Side Extension:

  1. You may not, without a special arrangement with PolicyPak, deliver the PolicyPak Client Side Extension to a machine capable of serving multiple sessions like Citrix, RDS, VDI or so on. In other words, you cannot consume ONE license on a server, and light up multiple (10,15, 20, 100) inbound connections.
  2. When using PolicyPak MDM Edition, since there is no concept of OUs, you are committing to paying for PolicyPak with 100% of the Windows 10 machines which are joined to your MDM service. Said another way, we cannot segment out or “partially license” your MDM investment. All Windows 10 machines which participate in your MDM service must be accounted and paid for.