What happens when a user clicks on an external link with non-domain joined machines (Windows 10 and 8.1)?

For non-domain joined computers (on Win 10 and 8.1, but not Windows 7) PolicyPak Browser Router agent cannot be automatically set to the default.

This is because the value we use is not enabled for non-domain joined machines:

Therefore, when a user clicks an external link (like in Outlook, a PDF, Skype, etc.), the link will open in the user’s default browser.

If the user’s default browser is IE or FireFox and there is a route to a specific website, then PPBR extension inside the browser will forward to the URL to the correct browser.
If the user’s default browser is Chrome, this becomes a problem. This is because Chrome extension isn’t loaded for non-domain joined computers due to a similar GPO registry entry not getting enforced on non-domain joined computers. (See this link for more details.)

Therefore on non-domain joined machines, we recommend you instruct your end-users to ensure that either IE or Firefox is the default browser for PolicyPak Browser Router will work as best it can in non-domain joined environments.