How do I know if a setting I apply using MDM Settings Manager was received (if it appears not to work)?

Sometimes, it’s hard to know if you apply an MDM Settings Manager policy, it’s hard to know if took effect.

In Group Policy, there are a myriad of tools to let you know you got a particular GPO or Group Policy setting.

But with MDM, it’s a little harder. To know if a setting was received and trying to apply on a machine, you need to use the Windows event logs.
Specifically, Applications and Services Logs | Microsoft |Windows | DeviceManagmenent-Enterprise-Diagnostics-Provide

Then look for events like what is seen here.

This event shows a successful application of an MDM setting.


Failure to apply could be for a variety of reasons:

  1. You didn’t get the GPO at all which contains the PolicyPak MDM setting. Verify you got the GPO which contains the PolicyPak MDM setting with GPresult /R.
  2. You got the GPO and the MDM setting, but the MDM setting will not work for your version of Windows. For instance, some settings are Windows 10 Enterprise only, and will not work on Windows Pro. In those cases a message stating that you are not licensed will appear in the event.

Additional troubleshooting can be gathered from PolicyPak MDM settings logs. When you run PPLOGS.exe the PPMDM logs will demonstrate errors to ppUser_*.log or ppComputer_*.log
In c:\Users\\Appdata\Local\PolicyPak\PolicyPak MDM Settings Manager\