Admin Console: I just upgraded my management station to 785. My LOCAL Paks are now missing. What happened?

While Upgrading from a build prior to 785 all paks stored in Local Storage for PolicyPak Extension could be deleted.

This will happen if:

  1. You are Upgrading to Admin-Console 785 or later from any previous build
  2. You are storing DLL extensions locally at following locationc:Program Files (x86)PolicyPakExtensions folder (on 64-bit machines)
    c:Program FilesPolicyPakExtensions (on 32-bit machines)

If both conditions are true the DLL extensions stored at the location mentioned above may get deleted and you will see the error below.

No Extension DLL

To Work Around:

  1. Back up the contents of above mentioned location before Upgrading to 785 and place back after the upgrade
  2. Simply re-place missing Paks back in to the storage location; or better yet, use the CENTRAL STORE or SHARED STORE method. See this video.

NOTE: This issue is fixed for any upgrade FROM 785 onwards, but it’s not possible to fix “retroactively” as you upgrade to 785.