Other: What must I send to PolicyPak support in order to get the FASTEST support?

Here is what we need for you to do in order to troubleshoot most issues:

Attach all of the items specified below to your support case. Support case emails have SRX01234 or similar in the subject line.

  1. Your Problem Statement with Screenshots:GOOD descriptions would include:
    • The PAK name and compiled with value.
    • The CSE version you are using.
    • A “story” of the problem, where the GPO is (user or computer side) and what it’s doing and where it’s linked.


  2. Specific screenshots of:
    • What you did in PolicyPak and
    • The RESULT on the endpoint.
  3. Your PPLOGS from an affected machine. (WARNING: We cannot help you without this.)On an affected endpoint, you’re going to run PPLogs TWICE.
    • Use an ADMIN command prompt and run PPLOGS.  Rename to ppLogs-as-Admin.zip. Attach to your support case.
    • Use a NORMAL command prompt and run PPLOGS. Rename to ppLogs-as-USER.zip. Attach to your support case.


  4. NOTE: If your email system strips ZIP files, rename it to .ZIPP or .TXT or whatever you want.
  5. Run GPRESULT:
    1. Use an ADMIN command prompt and run GPRESULT /h gpresult-as-ADMIN.html
    2. Use a NORMAL command prompt and run GPRESULT /h gpresult-as-USER.html
  6. Your Export of any relevant settings. For PolicyPak Application Manager (most common) this is what you want to do.
    Note : There are TWO ways to export settings. This is the type of export we REQUIRE.