Other: What must I send to PolicyPak support in order to get the FASTEST support?

Here is what we need for you to do in order to troubleshoot most issues:

Attach all of the items specified below to your support case. Support case emails have SRX01234 or similar in the subject line.

NOTE: It’s very important to include this SRX case number with any attachments you send by pre-pending the file names with the case number as shown in the examples below.

  1. Your Problem Statement with Screenshots. GOOD descriptions would include:
    • The PAK name and compiled with value.
    • The CSE version you are using.
    • A “story” of the problem, where the GPO is (user or computer side) and what it’s doing and where it’s linked.


  2. Specific screenshots of:
    • What you did in PolicyPak and
    • The RESULT on the endpoint.

  4. Your PPLOGS from an affected machine. (WARNING: We cannot help you without this.)On an affected endpoint, you’re going to run PPLogs TWICE.
    • Use an ADMIN command prompt and run PPLOGS.  Rename to SRX01234-ppLogs-as-Admin.zip. Attach to your support case.
    • Use a NORMAL command prompt and run PPLOGS. Rename to SRX01234-ppLogs-as-USER.zip. Attach to your support case.



  6. NOTE: If your email system strips ZIP files, rename it to .ZIPP or .TXT or whatever you want.

  8. Run GPRESULT:
    1. Use an ADMIN command prompt and run GPRESULT /h SRX01234-gpresult-as-ADMIN.html
    2. Use a NORMAL command prompt and run GPRESULT /h SRX01234-gpresult-as-USER.html

  10. Your Export of any relevant settings. For PolicyPak Application Manager (most common) this is what you want to do.
    Note : There are TWO ways to export settings. This is the type of export we REQUIRE.

    Rename your XML file(s) to not only include the SRX number but to also contain hints as to their content. For example:

    SRX01234-PPAM-Export.XML (say, for PP App Manager) or
    SRX01234-PPBR.Export.XML (say, for PP Browser Router) or
    SRX01234-PPLPM.Export.XML (say, for PPLPM / Least Priv Manager.)