Can I license machines that are NOT Domain joined?

Short answer for PolicyPak Suite (On-Prem Edition): No.. unless you use an MDM service. Then the answer is YES.

Short answer for PolicyPak Cloud: Yes.

For PolicyPak Suite (On-Prem & MDM Edition), your on-prem delivery method (using Group Policy, SCCM, LanDesk, etc) requires that all computers must be domain joined. If you license your MDM service alongside PolicyPak, then machines may be non-domain joined.

For companies which (mostly) want to use the Group Policy method… all computers must be domain joined at least once and have the “knowledge” of what OU they’re in and get the PolicyPak license information first. Then they can go offline and PolicyPak Suite (On-Prem Edition) and its components will continue to work during the licensing period.

If you have, say, 80% of machines which are Domain Joined and, say 20% of machines which are Non-Domain joined, you can license the 80% with PP On-Prem, and then manage those final 20% with an MDM service -or- PolicyPak Cloud.