How are VDI connections licensed?

PolicyPak Group Policy Edition works great with VDI machines. You simply need to license them.

To be in compliance with PolicyPak licensing, you must express the number of MAXIMUM connections that can serve users.

The PolicyPak licensing tool can only count enabled Active Directory computer accounts.

So, depending on what VDI solution you use, those computer accounts could be:

  • Pre-made in Active Directory and waiting for VDI sessions to be turned on (just like desktops or laptops have pre-made AD accounts.)
  • Some pre-made computer accounts in Active Directory. For instance, you could have 5 pre-made AD Computer accounts but the VDI solution treats them as 333 possible sessions.
  • No pre-made computer accounts in Active Directory. You could have 444 VDI sessions where computer accounts are created in AD on-the-fly.

Therefore to be fully compliant, you would license the number of computers in Active Directory plus the MAXIMUM number of VDI sessions you can serve to your users.

If you don’t wish to run PolicyPak Group Policy Edition on your VDI machines, then those computers do not need to be declared at purchase time. Simply ensure you don’t select the OU during licensing time.