PolicyPak Licensing and Purchasing FAQs

How do I obtain / install a license for PolicyPak Group Policy Edition?

For PolicyPak Group Policy Edition, we supply a “License wizard” (included in your trial download). Then click “Generate an initial request for a new license.”

  • PolicyPak Group Policy Edition is licensed per-computer (defined as a valid Active Directory account plus desired concurrent Terminal Services & Citrix connections).
  • The license wizard will automatically count the number of computers that you intend to use the product with, based on the Organizational Units (OUs) you selected in your good-faith
  • Tip: Note that there are no restrictions on using the components within PolicyPak Group Policy Edition (such as PolicyPak Application Manager or PolicyPak Preferences Manager) once
    it’s been correctly licensed. For example, PolicyPak Application Manager is not licensed per-Pak, and you’re always free to use any of our pre-created Paks or create your own Paks.
  • You then send us your license request via email. It’s a simple text-based “copy / paste” request. The license request contains only the data needed to license the product, and all of
    this data is shown to you first. The license request also contains a digital “signature” verifying that the data came from our license management tool.
  • Once we receive a PO/ payment, we send you a license file for your domain or OU(s), and PolicyPak Group Policy Edition is licensed for a year.

See the video in the first question showing the license request and license install process for PolicyPak Group Policy Edition.