PolicyPak Licensing and Purchasing FAQs

What if I add new users or computers to my licensed locations (whole domain or specific OUs), exceeding the count I have paid for?

Everything just continues to work. First of all PolicyPak Group Policy Edition is licensed per computer. So you never pay “per user” – ever. Let’s go thru an example.

Let’s assume you initially estimated that the Sales OU, Marketing OU and Research OU would use PolicyPak Group Policy Edition (you’re planning to use a lot of the PolicyPak Application Manager component).

And at that time, our initial discovery found a total of 3,000 computers. But two months later, you add 100 new computers to each of Sales OU, Marketing OU and Research OU

That’s another 300 computers for a total of 3,300 computers. Don’t worry! Your PolicyPak investment continues to work fine!

At the end of your year, we’ll ask you to re-count the number of computers. So now you now have 3,300 computers. And you’ll simply “true up” to pay for those extra 300 computers at the end of the year. And you’ll “renew” the original 3,000. We’ll then give you a new license file which is good for another full year. And, again, if during the year, you “over-use” there is no charge until the end of the year.