PolicyPak Licensing and Purchasing FAQs

What if I don’t pay for my PolicyPak Cloud Edition every year?

If you decide to stop paying for PolicyPak Cloud Edition, the components (like Application Manager or Preferences Manager)
simply stop working when the license term expires.

For instance, PolicyPak Application Manager will stop processing new directives and will not re-enforce settings. If you are using PolicyPak’s AppLock features, then it will act as if
PolicyPak wasn’t installed. PolicyPak Preferences Manager will not deliver Group Policy Preferences using the PolicyPak Cloud service, nor will it return Group Policy Preferences items to

So, at the 11th month mark, we automatically send email reminders and make a best effort to call you if we see you’re getting close to lapsing. Once all paid up (or using a PO), we re-
issue the number of licenses PolicyPak Cloud Edition, and everything continues to work for another year.