We recorded every PolicyPak LockDown 2020 session for you
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How to Survive Your Penetration Test

(and Help Your Whole Company)

Paula Januszkiewicz

CQURE CEO & Founder
Microsoft MVP

Optimizing Windows Logons
James Rankin
James Rankin

EUC Consultant &
Citrix CTP

Modern Management Basics:

Quick Wins for Remote Workers

Sandy Zhang
Sandy Zeng

Microsoft MVP Enterprise

10 Security Settings You Can Implement

NOW to Block Attackers as Users Work from Home

Sami Laiho
Sami Laiho

Microsoft MVP Plural
Site Author

Always On VPN 101:

Throw Out Your Hardware and Scale!

Richard Hicks
Richard Hicks

Former Microsoft MVP
Author and Consultant

How not to get hacked:

Recommendations from an actual Ransomware attacker (who took home 4 million dollars in ransom)

Jeremy Moskowitz
Jeremy Moskowitz

16X Microsoft MVP
Founder PolicyPak

Your Secret Unlock for getting started with WVD to enable Remote Workers.

(Hint: You needed this talk two months ago.)

Jen Sheerin
Jen Sheerin

Microsoft MVP
Citrix CTA


Installation, Management and Security Best Practices for Work From Home

Stephen Rose
Stephen Rose

Microsoft Modern Work
& Teams Evangelist

What did we learn today,

what will we do next?

Richard Campbell
Richard Campbell

Microsoft MVP
Host, RunAsRadio

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