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Apply Item-Level Targeting Outside Domains & GP Preferences

What is Item-Level Targeting? Item-Level Targeting lets you define how Group Policy settings apply to Active Directory users or computers by setting conditions. You perform the process by first selecting conditional logic statements like AND, OR, and NOT. You then pair those statements with target objects like operating system, security group membership, and IP range…. [Read More]

Group Policy Loopback Problems and Solutions

  Saying “Group Policy loopback processing” out loud can put your stomach in knots. If you have no idea what we are talking about, then let’s backtrack and summarize what it means to enable Group Policy Loopback processing. For starters, Group Policy provides you the ability to manage and deploy thousands of configurations settings to… [Read More]

AppLocker Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

AppLocker is an application control feature found in enterprise editions of Windows. The tool enables you to manage which applications and files users can run. Windows AppLocker aims to limit software access and related data from specific users and business groups. The results of which is heightened security reduced administrative overhead and fewer helpdesk calls…. [Read More]

How to Open PDF Files in Windows 10 Without Going Crazy

If you can’t open PDF files in Windows 10, you aren’t alone. Although Windows 10 has been an enormous success, the operating system has a few frustrating quirks. Users complain that they are unable to open pdf files in Windows 10 as easily as in Windows 7. Why Is It So Difficult to Open PDF… [Read More]

Windows 10: Block Websites Across Multiple Browsers

Windows 10: Block Websites Across Multiple Browsers The internet is the new WAN, your second datacenter. Without it, your users don’t have access to the cloud applications and SaaS tools they need. The problem with the internet is that it gives your users access to websites they don’t need, as well as some websites that… [Read More]

You Better Think Twice Before You Disable UAC Windows 10

Disable UAC Windows 10, You Better Think Twice Like them or hate them, you and your users have to deal with User Access Control (UAC) prompts. First and foremost, UAC in Windows 10 is a necessary evil. Originally, UAC was created to protect Windows Operating systems from unauthorized changes. In particular, UAC protects against unauthorized… [Read More]

Windows 10 ADMX: 4 Tips for Super Awesome Settings

Windows 10 ADMX files are like the brain of Administrative Templates. It’s what the Group Policy Editor uses to apply your GPOs. The more you master ADM/ADMX, the more control and power you’ll have with Group Policy. Here are 4 tips that will make your Windows 10 ADMX settings super awesome. What Are ADMX Files?… [Read More]

Google Chrome Group Policy: 5 Settings Users Will Love

Configuring Google Chrome Group Policy settings is an excellent way to make your users happy and more productive. Google Chrome and other web browsers have become the most critical enterprise application because the SaaS-based programs that your users work with daily require web browsers to run. As a result, it’s extremely important to manage and… [Read More]

Oracle Java License Change: Everything You Need to Know

The Oracle Java license change has become a hot topic amongst information technology professionals. As of January 2019, administrators who install Java 8 U 202 and later are only able to get security updates when they purchase support for each desktop. Furthermore, Java 11 and above is only available from Oracle under a commercial support… [Read More]

Group Policy Editor: 6 Ways to Make it Wayyy More Powerful

For nearly two decades, the Group Policy Editor has been a valuable management tool to enforce configuration settings. Combined with Group Policy Preferences, administrators have been able to manage more than 10,000 settings. Group Policy Editor has become the “go-to” tool to ensure users receive an excellent desktop experience. However, while Group Policy Editor may… [Read More]