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Transition to Modern Management

Transition to Modern Management It’s hard to do it alone. Countries don’t attempt to go at it alone. They make alliances with other nations, teaming up with allies in order to work collectively towards common goals. The same is the case for when you’re implementing modern desktop management. In a world that consists of both… [Read More]

Densification and How PolicyPak Helps

Densification and How PolicyPak Helps Densification: remember that word. It is going to be a buzzword in the coming year and beyond. The current crisis that is currently engulfing the world will pass, but its aftershocks will be experienced for the coming decade. The 9/11 crisis brought about everlasting changes to the way in which… [Read More]

Secure Remote Work Environments Long after Coronavirus is Gone

How PolicyPak can Secure Your Remote Work Environments Long after Coronavirus is Gone   Coronavirus is challenging our world, our governments and our communities.  The circumstances it creates doesn’t have to challenge your enterprise however.  Like many organizations, you have probably enacted a remote work policy.  While it may seem like a daunting task to… [Read More]

Windows CSP: Simple Tips That’ll Save Your Bacon

Windows CSP: Simple Tips That’ll Save Your Bacon The majority (66%) of companies today have started some transition or co-management to the cloud.  The goal is to digitally transform the enterprises of the companies. While the basic network concepts may be similar, the cloud is a different beast.  It uses different protocols and management tools. … [Read More]

What is Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM)?

What is Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM)? It is a wonderful thing when new initiatives benefit both the company behind the implementation and the customers it serves. Such is the case with the announcement at Ignite 2019 that ConfigMgr and Intune are being merged together to form a single management conglomerate tool called Microsoft Endpoint Manager… [Read More]

Build A Zero Trust Model by First Killing Local Admin Rights

Build A Zero Trust Model by Killing Local Admin Rights Words mean something. The words we use change over time, reflecting the transitory nature of our notions and thoughts at large. For thirty years, we embraced the concept of networking as a way to “share” things. Sharing reflects openness and requires a sense of trust…. [Read More]

Don’t Disable Device Guard Just Yet, Here’s Why

Microsoft has placed a lot of emphasis on security with Windows 10. They have introduced so many tools, including Device Guard, Credential Guard, and Windows Security Center, that it can get a bit confusing determining the role for each one. The fact that Microsoft also changes the names of some and deprecates others adds to… [Read More]

Prevent Sodinokibi Ransomware from Infecting Your Enterprise

Preventing Sodinokibi Ransomware and similar strains require a combination of software and knowhow. In this blog, we’ll review both, so you can confidently build out your cybersecurity program. Cost of Ransomware The cost of Ransomware is rising astronomically. According to an article published by Bankinfosecurity.com, the average ransomware payment increased to $36,292 in Q2 of… [Read More]