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Windows 10 MDM vs Group Policy: 4 Risks You Cannot Ignore

Windows 10 MDM allows for management by 3rd-party services using the built-in MDM protocol. As more organizations consider a Windows 10 MDM solution, an obvious question arises: does Windows 10 MDM replace Group Policy? Can we do everything with Windows MDM that we did with Group Policy? How do we evaluate the risks of moving… [Read More]

5 Tips for Windows 7 End of Life That’ll Simplify Windows 10

Windows 7 End of Life The Windows 7 end of life date is soon approaching, and many organizations are analyzing, planning and implementing their Windows 10 migration. Although Windows 7 is considered the most popular Windows operating system, Microsoft will end Windows 7 support, including patches and security updates on January 14, 2020. As organizations… [Read More]

Top 2019 IT Predictions for Security and Management

When I sat down to consider my 2019 IT predictions, it will be no surprise that I started with malware and ended with the cloud. They cover multiple areas of enterprise technology, with an emphasis on security and management. 2019 IT Predictions #1: Cryptomining Malware Continues Cryptocurrency was a major topic in 2018 on a number… [Read More]

Think Your Native MDM Solution is Enough? Think Again

You don’t use just one security solution for your mobile devices, so why would you “go at it alone” with just your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution? MDM solutions are great, but the management coverage they provide is minimal when compared to the management coverage and security you’ll find with on-premise desktops. MDM alone simply… [Read More]

Citrix WEM and PolicyPak: Better Together or Apart?

Time and again PolicyPak is lauded for making life easier for Citrix admins. However, from time to time, we are compared to a product that Citrix sells called Workspace Environment Manager (WEM). So does PolicyPak compete with or complement Citrix WEM? To sort out how WEM fits into our customers’ Citrix plans and where PolicyPak… [Read More]

Google and Windows — How sweet it is

Since it’s release, Google G Suite has seen steady adoption by small and medium-sized companies. Traditionally conservative enterprises have been slower to transition, but that is changing, as market leaders like Colgate-Palmolive Co and Verizon Communications Inc recently deployed G Suite to their employees. In fact, Google now touts more than 3 million enterprise subscribers,… [Read More]

Recent Poll Shows Continued and Expansive Use of Group Policy

Remember when they said people wouldn’t go to live concerts anymore thanks to the popularity of music videos? There weren’t supposed to be real estate agents anymore thanks to Zillow and there wasn’t supposed to be investment firms thanks to E*Trade. There also wasn’t supposed to be Group Policy thanks to the cloud and MDM,… [Read More]

Ransomware is Once Again the Method of Preference for Cybercriminals

In 2016 the FBI proclaimed ransomware a billion-dollar industry. Ransomware dominated headlines around the world as companies, healthcare centers and governments found themselves combating the digital plague that encrypted data and brought down networks. According to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report, one in three malware attacks were ransomware related in 2016. The onslaught… [Read More]