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Ransomware is Once Again the Method of Preference for Cybercriminals

In 2016 the FBI proclaimed ransomware a billion-dollar industry. Ransomware dominated headlines around the world as companies, healthcare centers and governments found themselves combating the digital plague that encrypted data and brought down networks. According to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report, one in three malware attacks were ransomware related in 2016. The onslaught… [Read More]

The Principle of Enforcing Least Privilege (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this blog series, we introduced the Principle of Least Privilege (POLP) and how it is similar to any other set of standard operating procedures that businesses adopt and utilize every day. The PoLP was developed more than 30 years ago by the US Department of Defense and required that each subject… [Read More]

The Principle of Enforcing Least Privilege (Part 1)

It seems that as a society, we always want more. More money, more prestige, more bandwidth, more memory, etc. Often times however, less is more. Oscar Wilde said, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” When applied to our personal lives, moderation helps us achieve a healthy balance between work and leisure, alone time and socialization. This… [Read More]

Cloudy with a Chance of Control

We recently released a new PolicyPak Cloud feature that enables you to point-and-click to specify ADMX settings, without having to pre-create and upload them first. This is an amazing new breakthrough that we are excited to bring to the PolicyPak Cloud solution. With just one click, you implement any ADMX setting for Windows or Office;… [Read More]

Can PolicyPak Make Your Job More Secure?

Fifty-five years ago, legendary Texas Longhorns football coach, Darrell Royal said, “Three things can happen when you pass, and two of ‘em are bad.” The consequences of an incomplete pass or an interception understandably contribute to the stress of the quarterback position. Similarly, today’s Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are… [Read More]

Backing up your GPOs (with and without PolicyPak Data): Don’t get burned

So many bad things can happen to your enterprise data. Storage system failures, ransomware attacks, and fat finger deletes are just a few of the things that can wipe out critical data on which your organization depends. While most enterprises do implement a backup strategy to retain copies of their traditional data, Active Directory (AD)… [Read More]

PolicyPak Will Soon Only Support Firefox ESR

We are all used to having a choice in so many things. The grocery store offers paper or plastic, the gourmet restaurant offers red or white wine, and Mozilla Firefox offers both the Rapid Release (RR) and Extended Support Release (ESR) versions of their popular browser. Many admins do not even realize there is a… [Read More]

What are the Most Common Roadblocks to Your Windows 10 Migration?

Periodically, someone has the pulse of the world around them, someone who understands the real-time dynamics occurring throughout and can foresee the ensuing outcome of those stimuli. It may be an economic forecaster that recognizes the undercurrents driving the macro markets towards a given direction. It may be an entrepreneur that comprehends the disruptive implications… [Read More]

Can PolicyPak Save You $23 Million?

If your company stores or processes data and information concerning citizens of the European Union (EU), then the answer is yes. You are probably at least somewhat familiar with the General Data Protection Regulation, commonly known as GPDR, that officially went into effect on May 25, 2018. GDPR is a set of provisions that requires… [Read More]