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Simplifying the OS Migration and Managed Settings Processes for Windows 10

According to a recent survey, involving 500 organizations residing in over 30 countries covering multiple industries, more than 45% of organizations are in the planning or pilot stage of a Windows 10 migration/deployment endeavor. There are a number of reasons to migrate your workstation devices to Windows 10. Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7… [Read More]

Citrix Summit 2018: PolicyPak + FSLogix

Hi all. Jeremy Moskowitz here. This year I teamed up with my friends at FSLogix and joined them at Citrix Summit 2018. Together we co-met with customers and partners and talked about our awesome “better together stories”. (If you don’t already KNOW them, check them out here. Then, to really rally the troops, we did… [Read More]

Firefox 49 Enterprise Root Certificate support vs PolicyPak

Firefox 49 is about to be released and when it does, it will have some support for embracing some certificates to machines if you use an Enterprise CA. The details on what is and what is not supported can be found on Mozilla’s website here (https://wiki.mozilla.org/CA:AddRootToFirefox). You can also check out a good blog post… [Read More]

Windows 10 = Windows Vista + 4.

People are asking me “OMG.. as an IT Pro, will I have to learn a whole new world with Windows 10?” While it’s true that Windows 10 isn’t out yet, I can more or less say the following with a straight face: “Windows 10 is really Windows Vista with some spit and polish, just like… [Read More]