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Firefox updates and PolicyPak STIGs

1. Firefox updates: Available now. If you have rolled out PolicyPak CSE 712, there are two “hidden” features which are already there, but the Firefox Pak itself wasn’t ready until now. So, available now are the following two added features to Firefox: Managing Bookmarks Managing Pop-Ups and Permissions You can see the two how-to videos… [Read More]

Weekly Support FAQs for week ending Feb 14, 2014

Q: I am testing PolicyPak. What are my best first steps? A: We always recommend new customers and evaluators, to “Walk before they run” with PolicyPak. We strongly recommend you to go through first 30 pages of the PolicyPak Application Manager QuickStart guide. This will walk you through to get WinZip 14 up and running… [Read More]

Weekly Support FAQs

This is a list of Qs and As for the last week or so at PolicyPak support. Hope this is helpful. Q: I am having issues in disabling “Check for Updates Automatically” in Updates tab for Java 7 update 51 using the Pak I downloaded. I had this working fine with the Java 7 update… [Read More]

UE-V 2.0 Group Policy Settings Suggestions

I recently upgraded our PolicyPak test lab with UE-V 2.0 from UE-V 1.0. To be sure, there’s really no “upgrade” process. Some snags I ran into: I figured doing an in-place upgrade from UE-V 1.0 agent to UE-V 2.0 agent would magically upgrade, remove the original UE-V 1.0 agent and keep going. Um.. Sort of…. [Read More]

How to teach Windows to make your applications run more securely using EMET

In short, EMET is the “Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit” (thanks Microsoft for all the fun names!). Basically, here’s the deal in a nutshell: Application vendors don’t always turn on enhanced security when they’re compiling their applications. Good news: You can force Windows to turn on enhanced application security — for executions themselves. Note: This does… [Read More]

Exactly HOW are you going to turn off Java NOW in your enterprise?

When the Department of Homeland security suggests that we temporarily disable Java until the dust settles (http://www.us-cert.gov/current/#us_cert_releases_oracle_java) , it’s nice to know that all PolicyPak customers have the fire extinguisher ready to rock at any time. Here’s exactly how to use PolicyPak to put out the Java fire: How to Manage the security slider in… [Read More]