I have both domain-joined and non-domained computers. What’s best for me?

It depends. Some customers will buy PolicyPak On-Prem Suite for their “never roaming” machines like desktops, VDI and RDS/Citrix connections and use Group Policy, SCCM, or another on-premise transport system to deliver directives.

Then they use PolicyPak Cloud to deliver settings to computers which are non-domain joined, don’t VPN very often (or at all) or don’t have SCCM or Altiris (which can deliver PolicyPak settings over the Internet).

Alternatively, you could go 100% with PolicyPak Cloud for BOTH non-domain joined/roaming machines AND on-premise machines. On-premise computers will pick up PolicyPak’s on-premise directives (using Group Policy or SCCM) at no additional cost, included in a PolicyPak Cloud license.