Admin Templates Manager – a PolicyPak feature

Manage registry-based policy using PolicyPak’s Admin Templates Manager to allow for easy settings management of the Administrative Templates feature of Group Policy. You can add, change, delete and save settings, or reduce and consolidate GPOs with ease.

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PolicyPak Group Policy

Consolidate existing Group Policy settings; deploy user side Group Policy settings to computers. Plus deliver almost all Group policy settings to using SCCM, your own system management utility or using PolicyPak Cloud.

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PolicyPak Cloud & PolicyPak MDM

Manage administrative templates settings in Group Policy easier with Admin Templates Manager

Admin Templates Manager lets you reduce and consolidate GPOs, deliver ADM/ADMX (Administrative templates). Deliver user-side settings to your computers. Using PolicyPak, Group Policy Admin Templates can also be deployed via your MDM service (like Microsoft Intune, MobileIron, or VMWare Workspace ONE.)

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Reduce and consolidate GPOs

  • Combine Group Policy settings from many GPOs into a few GPOs
  • Specify which policies will apply under what conditions
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Deliver user-side settings to any computers

  • Eliminate complicated loopback
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Deploy Group Policy Admin Template settings via the internet

  • Deliver Group Policy Admin Template policy settings over the internet
  • Deliver Group Policy Admin Template settings to non-domain joined machines
  • Make a policy once and deliver it to multiple offices or customers
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Deliver Group Policy Admin Templates, Group Policy Preferences, and Group Policy Security Settings (and PolicyPak Settings) using your MDM service.

  • Deliver all Group Policy and PolicyPak settings using Microsoft Intune
  • Deliver all Group Policy and PolicyPak settings using VMWare Workspace One (Airwatch)
  • Deliver all Group Policy and PolicyPak settings using MobileIron
  • Citrix CEM
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