PolicyPak for Microsoft Office 2010

It’s the flagship Office application for Microsoft.  Nearly all of your users utilize it each and every day.  It’s one of those bread and butter applications suites your users depend on.

That’s why you can’t afford to have your users constantly altering the configuration settings of this key product your business users run every day.

PolicyPak sets and enforces expectations for your users’ applications, so that they get the same experience, every time they launch it.

Ensure your Office settings are dictated and ensured using PolicyPak. Get those settings out there using Group Policy, SCCM or your own management tool. Check out this video to see how it’s done:

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Our PolicyPak software controls all of the applications that make up the Office 2010 application suite. That snaps-in to the Group Policy Editor gives you the same user interface as Office 2010 itself.

Here are some examples.If we start off with Outlook 2010 you can set key settings such as “Don’t download pictures automatically in HTML e-mail messages or RSS items.”


There are many important security settings in Outlook that govern your critical email communications.  In “Programmatic Access,” you definitely want your users to be“Warned about suspicious antivirus activity when their antivirus software is inactive or out-of-date.”


Security may not seem as important an issue for Word as it is Outlook, but there are many important security settings that protect your client systems from Word files that your users download and open every day.  In this example you are ensuring that your users have “Protected View” enabled.


Like all of the Office 2010 applications, Word has some very important configuration settings governing Add-ins such as “Require Application Add-ins to be signed by a Trusted Publisher.”


“Privacy Options” are configurable in all of the Office 2010 applications including Excel as is shown below.


And one can never forget the importance of Managing “Active-X settings” through Excel and the entire application suite.  Here you can enforce “Disable all controls without notification.”


With PolicyPak, you’re the one in control.

Besides, once you’re using PolicyPak to manage Microsoft Office 2010, you’ll also get to manage all your other enterprise desktop applications the same way: Flash, Java, Firefox, Lync and any custom applications you have. They’re 100% included – absolutely free.

It’s all included when you’re a PolicyPak Professional customer.

PolicyPak was designed by Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz – who “wrote the book” on Group Policy, runs GPanswers.com, and lives and breathes Group Policy and enterprise software deployments and desktop lockdown.

When you’re ready to get serious about managing Microsoft Office 2010 using Group Policy or SCCM, PolicyPak is ready for you.