PolicyPak for VMware Workstation

It’s truly wonderful to have the ability to manage multiple virtual machines from your desktop or laptop using applications such as VMware Workstation.  The problem is that when the settings are misconfigured for an application like this, it doesn’t just impact the program itself.  It can impact all of your virtual machines as well.

This makes VMware Workstation a potential single point of failure for multiple machines, which is why you can’t afford to allow your VMware users to manage these critical settings.

That’s where PolicyPak comes in.  We enforce and lock down the optimum settings values that you, the administrator, want them to have.  PolicyPak sets and enforces expectations for your users’ applications, so that they get the same experience, every time they launch it, especially for an application such as this that can lead to compounding problems.

Keep your VMware Workstation configuration settings enforced and streamlined with PolicyPak.  Check out this video to see how it’s done:

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Our PolicyPak software snaps-in to the Group Policy Editor and gives you the same user interface as VMware Workstation itself.  Managing software updates is important for all applications, but especially so for an application such as this.  Make sure that “Check for product updates on startup” is always unchecked.  Then make sure that your users can’t override your setting choice by selecting “Disable corresponding control in target application.”
You can ensure that Anti-Virus applications are always working for you, like what is seen here.
As a network administrator, you are always concerned with security which means you like to disable vendor participation programs within your installed software. PolicyPak helps you ensure that “Help improve VMware Workstation” is always unchecked. Notice in the screenshot below, we chose to disable the setting but notice that you can hide settings as well. PolicyPak gives you the ability to lock down your desired settings in either fashion.


You don’t want your users to be confused whether their virtual machines are running or not each time they close VMware Workstation.  Decide how you want to handle this situation and enforce that configuration with PolicyPak.  In the example below, “Keep VMs running after Workstation closes” will always remain checked.  Notice that the example below utilizes PolicyPak’s signature feature, “Perform ACL Lockdown,” as well.  ACL Lockdown locks your desired settings within the application configuration file itself  (preferences.ini in this case), ensuring that even the savviest of users can’t modify your setting values within the registry.

With PolicyPak, you’re the one in control.

Besides, once you’re using PolicyPak to manage VMware Workstation, you’ll also get to manage all your other enterprise desktop applications the same way: Flash, Lync, Java, Firefox, and any custom applications you have. They’re 100% included – absolutely free.

It’s all included when you’re a PolicyPak Professional customer.

PolicyPak was designed by Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz – who “wrote the book” on Group Policy, runs GPanswers.com, and lives and breathes Group Policy and enterprise software deployments and desktop lockdown.

When you’re ready to get serious about managing VMware Workstation, PolicyPak is ready for you.