Manage App-V Client Using Group Policy

PolicyPak Software loves App-V administrators! We believe in App-V!

One of PolicyPak’s core superpowers is to deliver applications’ settings and lock down user-interface settings – for both installed and App-V virtualized applications. You can see this in action, by our “PolicyPak Improves Microsoft App-V” Integration by clicking here.

But there’s ALSO the actual App-V client which lives on your client systems. How are you configuring THAT? Answer: you likely aren’t.

Here’s why you might want to use our preconfigured PolicyPak for App-V to configure your systems which have the App-V client (which was created by Jeremy Moskowitz, Microsoft MVP, Enterprise Mobility and Ment Van Der Plas, App-V MVP.)

  • The App-V client management console allows your users to clear, reset or delete their applications. However giving access to the console also gives access to the settings of the App-V client itself which might not be preferred. PolicyPak helps with this because only PolicyPak can lock out the UI of the places users shouldn’t go.
  • A client might need additional permissions. Simply move the client to the OU with permissions to receive the new permissions. Move back when that client no longer needs those permissions.
  • Hide specific tabs from prying eyes, so they can’t see what you’ve set.

Here’s is how the preconfigured PolicyPak App-V pak stacks up with the other technologies out there which perform similar functions:

Microsoft ADM Login Consultants ADMX (Ruben Koene and Ment van der Plas) PolicyPak App-V Management Pak
(Ment and Jeremy)
Download Location Here Here Click Download Button on right.
Cost Free Free Free
Central Store Supported? No Yes
(ADMX Central Store)
(PolicyPak Central Store)
Client Side
Extension Required
No No Yes
Group Policy GUI looks
like application
No No Yes
Performs UI Lockout No No Yes
Performs Settings Revert No No Yes
Multilingual No Yes No

Here are some screenshots of the free PolicyPak Application Virtualization Client Management Pak for you to see how easy it is to configure your client systems with App-V: