Testimonial – Northwest Area Foundation

Northwest Area Foundation Removes Admin Rights and runs with Least Privilege

“We had it nailed and got instantly secure in under two business days.”

– David Hoffman,
Network Administrator
Northwest Area Foundation


PolicyPak, Wow !

Just wanted to thank you for the great new component, PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager.

We tried using Whitelisting products in the past; but the time and effort to get it to work was truly draining. I love the ability in “one click” to authorize everything that I installed (and permit to run), but block running everything else that users might try to run do on their own. What a great layer of security above and beyond just stopping users from being admins of their machines (which PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager helps me out there as well !)

We might not be the largest environment out there, we were able to get PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager and it’s Secure Run Policy working in under a day. We started testing the Friday it was released, pushed it out the next Monday. Now just waiting to see what I missed as users do their daily work (so far so good)!

Used your the downloadable preconfigured XML rule to enable GoToMeeting to be installed as a Standard User, then quickly created my own similar XML rule based upon that for Webex. We also have an application that we had to give special permissions to a couple users to run as admin. Now I just let that single app run as elevated admin permissions and took away admin privileges plugging another security vulnerability.

We had it nailed and got instantly secure in under two business days.

In general the latest software from PolicyPak is fantastic, with Policypak Least Privilege Manager now included PLUS all the continuous improvements to Firefox.

We use Firefox as our go to browser here and being able to set the default search engine and being able to apply extensions is a win for us as well. Applied the Firefox stuff early in the week and that worked first time as expected, just like everything else you guys ship.

Couldn’t be happier with my PolicyPak investment. Thanks !

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