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This whitepaper series will show you how PolicyPak can maximize your control over your system.

Jeremy Moskowitz former Group Policy MVP

Jeremy Moskowitz
Microsoft MVP
Enterprise Mobility

What Internet Explorer Admins Don’t Know About Application Management

You can’t fully control Internet Explorer using the standard toolset.

Internet Explorer is both a workhorse and a security risk. And the in-the-box toolset doesn’t give you the full control you need over its settings on your network.

In this whitepaper, understand exactly what the standard tools from Microsoft can and cannot do, and see what you’re missing to complete this important job.

Who should read this whitepaper?

Anyone who has more than 20 seats of Internet Explorer deployed. In this paper you will learn:

  • The four standard methods for controlling settings with Internet Explorer.
  • The pros and cons of these methods.
  • The extra reach and control PolicyPak gives you for managing Internet Explorer.

Summary of the whitepaper:

Internet Explorer is second to none in terms of how often it’s used on your network.

And yes, there are several tools which come in the box to help you manage settings and security protocols. But they aren’t enough to achieve full lockdown of these settings.

This paper takes you through the in-the-box tools for managing IE settings, shows you how far they get you, and explains how to achieve full control by adding PolicyPak to your admin toolbox.

This paper is absolutely free. Enjoy!

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